Redistributing Private Land Was A Key Issue In South Africa’s Elections

SOWETO, South Africa — The legacy of Nelson Mandela is constantly invoked in South African politics, and with most of the votes counted from Wednesday’s general election, it likely has helped his party, the African National Congress, to extend their 25-year run as the country’s ruling party.

But a controversial new opposition party has started to chip away at their dominance: The upstart Economic Freedom Fighters party rose from relative obscurity to win nearly 11 percent of the vote this election season. They’ve done so, in part, by positioning themselves as the only party that could finish what Mandela started, all the while constantly attacking the very same ANC that he used to lead.

VICE News went to South Africa before the vote to find out how changing attitudes about racial inequality played out in the presidential race.

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21 thoughts on “Redistributing Private Land Was A Key Issue In South Africa’s Elections

  1. What's the name of a white politician who say "illegal immigrants out" ? Fascist and racist
    And the name of a black politician who say "whites out" ? Communist

    This is nosense lol

  2. Do you clowns jumping around realise that when you are given land…it will belong to the government and NOT to you. This is another way of the government making sure that they are in control and the majority is completely dependant on them. Do you honestly think that you will be given title for your "new land"? You wont!! It will belong to your thieving brothers. Go to the bank and try using your land as collateral for a loan and the bank will tell you to piss of as the land belongs to the government….not you. THEN…..If you don't vote for them in the next election you loose the land. Good luck!!!!!

  3. you had all the land tax you got,you gave the money to the guptas and plus you are wanting again to take things and remove land from people,yet we had a democratic government so it would not repeat itself again,yet you going down the same road of mob rule

  4. Come back in ten years and some of these EFF dumbasses will be sat in a field looking at a few chickens wondering what the point was. Zimbabwe 2.0

  5. You know ,, it would be nice to take all white people out of that place… and then make all the western countries cut trade a d economic relashionship . And see how they and their country cromble on the missery

  6. I see a disaster looming !

    I saw farms in Zimbabwe and what happened to them .

    Not much at all !

    Farming is hard work even what you know what you are doing !

    Good luck.

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