JRE MMA Show #72 with Andy Ruiz

Joe is joined by Andy Ruiz, the first boxer of Mexican heritage to become World Heavyweight Champion.

50 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #72 with Andy Ruiz

  1. Just about a year ago, Andy Ruiz was thinking of ending his boxing career, as he had no money, no fights, and he didn't know how he would pay his trainers. And now he can earn 14 million dollars for two fights … And the Joshua camp has even indulged his offer for a neutral ground – and he didn't like that? Hearn and Joshua could file suit and seek an injunction to stop Ruiz from fighting anyone but AJ next, similar to how when Lewis exercised the rematch clause after the upset; with Rahman trying to avoid the fight, with Lewis ultimately winning in court. Plus when you consider Pulev is pushing for his mandatory shot – a possible prelude to a stripping by the IBF; the unfavourable treatment that PBC have shown to the WBO ever so recently, especially relating to Ruiz; and of course the issue of Usyk being the WBO Super Champion and the WBO ordering the winner of the rematch to fight Usyk next – things are not looking good for Ruiz, especially if Ruiz plays hardball.

  2. when a 4 year Champion with 41 straight victories and 16 WBC title defenses faced a "White hope" contender, Gerry Cooney, Holmes was getting paid 20 million dollars same as the contender…now you see? Its who puts asses on the seats, not who has the belts. Holmes later said "Gerry was not right but he had the right complexion to get connection, i had fought four black guys and i couldn't make the money, but i fought one white guy and i made all the money". When George Foreman made A comeback, He was drawing crowds, Holyfield had the belts but he had to go looking for a 42 year old ex champ to make a fight happen and get paid. same thing as Michael Moore, He had to fight George foreman to make the money, yet Moore was a unified Champ. AJ has the Connection even though Ruiz has the Belts.

  3. Ruiz beat Joshua ass and when they face again he’ll beat him again Ruiz is a beast man I’m proud of the man he made history as I always said Latino fighters are the best fighters they always give a show I love you guys shout-out to the Latino community I’m happy for you guys and this is coming from a black men who’s always happy to see Latinos and blacks do good in life cause god knows we go through so much in this world

  4. Im cuban but nothing but respect and admiration for this mexican-american champ!people like him humble and hard worker always going to have respect and love from people around the world! Gracias ruiz por tu noblesa y eres un gran campeòn! 🇲🇽🥊🇺🇸💪🏻🇨🇺🥇

  5. Respect to Andy Ruiz from here in Ireland. Sounds like a good guy – hardworking and down to earth – thanks God for his blessings and prays for his opponent too.

  6. What’s will all the chains..and crappy watch…typical Mexican showing off all this crap..quick hands but not very powerful..he just caught josh on the side of the head early on that’s all…simple as that, it’s all about Mexico with him he doesn’t care about America, he didn’t get a lot of fights because he’s crap..this will be proved for sure..he hasn’t fought wilder yet or Ortiz, whyte, fury!

  7. One of the biggest upsets in boxing but the rematch will be fascinating AJ could run through him but AJ definitely is fragile Whyte,Klitschko rocked him badly but went to lose
    Ruiz jnr 2 will be his greatest challenge and decide if he’s real deal 🥊🥊

  8. one big question. love the guy. But how is it possible to be chubby/fat If you train that hard, losing tons of calories every single day, sometimes 2/3 times a day

  9. Joe, VV is a physics thing. It's not bound to a flag. It's universal. Although there are some to control, but that to me shows lack of confidence. Lack of confidence becomes a variable in an equation that will display an undisarable conclusion. (( no spell check)) lol, let's smoke a blunt, Brow

  10. I’m so sick of people saying I’m blessed by god. What a load of bs. You get success out of life what you put into it. It’s not because of god. It’s because of yourself. Well done Andy. Remember it’s your talent that done this. Not God 👊🏻

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