How Iran Spread Its Influence Across The Middle East

This week, Iran announced its second breach of the 2015 nuclear accord. In the last two weeks, the country has exceeded two key limits set in the deal by enriching uranium beyond 3.67 percent and stockpiling more than 300kg of uranium.

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42 thoughts on “How Iran Spread Its Influence Across The Middle East

  1. Iran is reducing commitments according to Paragraphs 26-36 of the deal. Iran is still abiding by the deal.
    but most of y'all in here are just Mossad trolls or brainwashed westerners. facts mean nothing to you. luckily my country; Iran, is prepared to talk to ignorant people the only way they understand, by overwhelming military force .

  2. I won't hold my breath for a video about how American supported Saudi Arabia and Wahabism to spread terrorism across the Middle East and 9/11 as a counterbalance to Iran and how the U.S. turns a blind eye to Saudi Arabias nuclear ambitions. Oh you didn't know Pakistan has nukes on the low for them and that we are considering helping them with tech? Read a motherfucking book!

  3. I'm American and I'll be the first to admit that Trump was not justified in pulling out of the JCPOA and Iran was holding up to their end of the deal. With that being said, Iran can drastically improve their international relations and reputation by curbing the flow of funds to these proxy groups in the region who continually aid in impeding any progress towards diplomatic solutions.

  4. that is the worst, unbalanced, intentionally misleading piece of propaganda VICE has come up with to this day. I am not surprised, but I am surprised that is so blatant and (see the like/dislike ratio) clear for everyone to see.

  5. Forgot to mention that the US unilaterally pulled out of the deal and imposed sanctions on Iran WHILST Iran was complying with the deal. Can't take this video seriously with that slanted and biased opening statement.

  6. Iranian people are some of the worst morons. Sending their resources to other countries while their citizens don't have clean water to drink. Use the ๐Ÿ’ฐ to better the life of your citizens. Give them clean water and infrastructure.

  7. VICE how were the last scenes relevant? You know VERY WELL that people watching this will think the scenes are from Iran, even though they are not. This is manipulation…i'm shocked didn't expect this from VICE.

  8. Vice? More like Fake.
    Iran has been the only logical one in this deal.
    Trump left it the first moment he could, and without the USA in there's no reason at all to keep this deal going. Considering the USA is the only nation that is a danger to world peace.
    The entire shenanigans after, as well as the severe increase in tension in the region is America's and America's fault only.

  9. This propaganda piece shows who controls the news narrative of VICE News. 1st, America broke the Iran Deal by pulling out and them establishing unjust sanctions on Iran and those who do business with Iran, including American allies like Europe. As for sponsoring militias, every intelligent person on the planet knows America, Saudia Arabia, and Israel created & funded Al Qaeda and ISIS, and that is why none of those countries were attacked, including the US. America caused the lives of millions of Iranian lives by arming Saddam with chemical and biological weapons. America has military bases surrounding. Vice is FakeNews

  10. your beginning statement is absolutely incorrect. Iran didn't break the deal. Iran only exercised paragraphs 26 and 36 of accord. So technically, Iran is in compliance of JCPoA.

  11. This video is so full of propaganda b.s don't know where to start. HBO paddles rightwing war propaganda under liberal mask.

    1- "Iran broke the nuclear accord on Monday" sec 1
    Wrong.ย Iran is allowed under JCPOA to scale back its commitment if the other signatories do not uphold their part which U.S flat out violated it, and EU hasn't been able to shield Iran against U.S sanctions.

    2- "now sanctions can legally be imposed" sec 41
    Not true since everything Iran has done including enriching to levels above 3.7% is within its rights under JCPOA.

    3-photos used at min 1:40 priceless

    4- "and in Yemen, they are the main sponsors of Huthi rebels as they wage war against Saudi Arabia" min 2:03

    This statement takes a special amount of audacity. How would Yemen wage war against Saudi Arabia.ย  Yemen was attacked by Saudi Arabia. Yemen is defenseless country with no airforce or a military to put up any kind of response.ย  In the years of war called by UN greatest human catastrophe of modern times, Huthis managed to stage two drone attacks that killed two Saudis compare to hundreds of thousands dead at the hands of Saudi American coalition. Also Saudis were condemed by UN for disperportionatly targeting civilians. Yet you call it Huthis waging war on Saudis.

  12. Come on vice donโ€™t do this to us. Itโ€™s main tactic is to look out for itself we have surrounded them with military bases, crippling them with sanctions and we have throughly devastated Yemen, itโ€™s a safe haven for slave traders because we destroyed its government with sanctions and funding other terrorist groups. ( not saying these places have good leaders Iโ€™m just saying that when the United States gets involved they get much worse) do a little more research next time. Learn from history.

  13. IRAN is blowing up in OBAMAS face
    This is affirming that ZERO was a traitor
    And the DON is slow rolling this so that there is not other EXCUSE from the negros that the DON is picking on him ????
    ZERO is a traitor ???
    And there is no saving the BOY ???
    IRAN is enriching underground and ZERO knew this ????

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