Why Sweden's Warmth Is Fading Toward Migrants (HBO)

Last year, more than 160,000 migrants fleeing war in the Middle East ended up in Sweden, a country of only 9.5 million people. That’s the highest number of refugees per capita in Europe. But an increasing number of Swedes have grown impatient with their country’s generosity. Now, many of those migrants are being asked to leave. The government says that up to 80,000 will be deported, a large number of whom come from Afghanistan. In October, Sweden joined Germany in reaching an agreement with Afghanistan to repatriate tens of thousands of rejected asylum seekers. Michael Moynihan went to northern Sweden to meet with some of the migrants awaiting their fate.

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44 thoughts on “Why Sweden's Warmth Is Fading Toward Migrants (HBO)

  1. They label us racist when we oppose an authoritarian political machine (Islam).

    They label us intolerant when we oppose intolerance?!

    I will always oppose racism, inequality and stand for love. I therefore will always oppose Islam.

  2. Why do they come to Europe, and why are our politicians letting them in. Something sinister is happening. I hate to think the beauty that is Europe will no longer be. WAKE UP.

  3. Syrians have a far more "secular" or moderate culture compared to Afghans, which come from one of the most right-wing religious groups in the world. Yes, the Syrians have more dire situations, but I think they'll be easier to integrate into Sweden, which has one of the most secular and liberal societies in the world.

  4. 1:10min, lift weights, lol.

    The first thing immigrants seem to do is looking for a gym.

    It's the same in most German documentaries. They fled for their lives…now they are in the gym.

    The gym I go to has more arab looking men than Germans. I swear it looks as if it was a muslim army training ground.

  5. Sup I’m a Canadian black woman… and I gotta say north European countries are so generous and it’s so sad to see that their warmth is fading away when it comes to migrants… I don’t know what went down but damn it’s sad. Hope one I’ll come Sweden and I’ll be treated right

  6. Sweden is allowing the crime to happen because they don't want to be called racists. Well my Swedish Friends the definition of Racism is treating one group of people differently than another based on where they are from or the color of their skin. By this definition Sweden is very racists.

  7. Also we KNOW the stats… over 70-80% of these migrants are single, adult men… they cherry picked some nice looking family– it's how journalist types operate, they like painting these victim stories… then at the end the guy basically exposes he's a nut case anyway ''give me what I want or I'm going to kill myself''… complete psycho talk right there and he does it on camera no less

  8. Reminds me of a Norwegian video I saw where Muslim men had to learn about the culture and kept saying "But ours!" Yours doesn't matter in a new country. You come here so, you need to adapt. Not the other way around.

  9. I think the refuges should become a citizen by paying taxes and working. No welfare they have to find a job and help the country they live in. For the ones that don’t do this they need to leave.

  10. in ww2 .. no muslim army came to help against Hitler …. they sat back and Watch .. we dealt with our problem …… now its their turn , and they run away and ask for help …. f off .. go back and fight ….. you never helped us ….

  11. NONE of these cunts from the middle east are refugees. Refugees are supposed to go to the nearest country where there is peace. If you cross 8 borders to get to the country that gives you the most welfare you are not a refugee.

  12. Afghans are disgusting, their values are simply fucking disgusting. I don’t hate anyone and give everybodya chance but Afghans are fucking disgusting. I feel nothing but pure disgust toward them all.

  13. Their culture is horrible, and now they are coming to Sweden with their primitive mentality. In a few decades Sweden will be totally destroyed by these people. Ah, yes pull the "racist card", but would you invite homeless people to take over your house, destroy your economy ? It's the same thing.

  14. I got an idea maybe Muslim countries dont quit coming to ours and expecting what you came from. Your problems are not our problems we have sympathy to a point but to start EXPECTING things is completely ludacris.

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