Life As An Illegal Immigrant in Greece

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Greece has always been a gateway for immigrants searching for what they assumed would be a better life in Europe. But many of those who’ve crossed illegally into Greece have found that they have traded one bad situation for another. Refugees from war-torn countries like Syria and Afghanistan are finding themselves stuck in a country that is not only battling an economic crisis but is witnessing a rise in anti-immigrant violence, exemplified by the a nationalist political party known as the Golden Dawn.

VICE News’ Alex Miller travelled from Athens to the western port of Patras to find out what it is like to be trapped in a country you never wanted to be in in the first place.

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45 thoughts on “Life As An Illegal Immigrant in Greece

  1. There are enough Black continents and we see what they do Whites when they the Blacks are in power. Zimbabwe 's White farmers used to feed the entire country but since their expulsion and murders the Country relies on foreign aid to feed a third of the population. Baltimore City in the States and most other American cities controlled and run by Black politicians are ruined ND not safe. So why commit slow suicide by opening your doors to these people? Look at how Toronto the Safe is no more due to the Minority responsible for the Majority of shootings most being of Jamaican and Somalian origin. Every other minority had evolved her and become an asset to our Country except this Minority that you read about in our Daily news killing and shooting while draining all our social and health care services. They wound 11 people for every one killed due to their cowardly shooting practices and many of those are innocent bystanders. Google the Docks murders in Toronto to see how 2 productive young men were gunned down by 2 Somali thugs the were caught the next day.

  2. FUNNY how these ILLEGALS come into Europe, start demanding it all, complain about everything including the FREE FOOD then they expect to be treated like royalty. Many of the kids even stated that they had it better in Syria, or Libia or any of the other muslim countries. THEN WHY DID YOUR PARENTS BRING YOU TO EUROPE?? Did the globalists promise you the moon and the stars if you destroy Europe. The GLOBALISTS are now sending millions of Hispanic ILLEGALS to the US BORDERS to try and DESTROY THE USA!! This is all SOROS doing who want to be the world leader before he dies!!

  3. People are not racist because they don't want or like illegal migrants getting into their country, boarders are there for a reason and migrants do not have rights to invade any other country just because they can't make it in there own country.


  5. an good example what religion can do to people
    of curse they easily exploited by greedy idiots criminals
    education in an illusions and delusions free manner is the only way out
    and of curse the totally useless un an puppy of the usa has a lot to answer to
    this is the result of destroying countries to get the oil
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    return to your families and start to rebuild your country's
    make sure your country is secular otherwise
    you get used by misguided religios who make an easy living of you

  6. I am wondering why people from Pakistan get lost to Europe , Pakistan has no political
    or any war going on there , and then these Afghanistan people it is the same situation
    Europe can not support them , add to them Syrians in Millions and the all these Africans ,it
    is way too much to handle , what the hell is going on !?

  7. Not one of these "victims" ever raised their voice against the monstrous brutality facing Pakistani Christians. When they received Skype calls from their cousins in UK about the benefits of grooming gangs, did even one of them contact the police?

  8. wernt the golden dawn sommin to do with alister crowley? the guy who worship baphomet ? whatever this is all dark stuff the world is crammed with too many people everywhere almost the only places that are not is where the rich and elites live they get best food we get GMOS water is horrid they get spring water etc its all money its a deeper agenda going on here try and research aternative view ian r crane david ike etc also do research satanism in the music and film world/ the world is not what you think our history has been altered meanwhile the poorest people are suffering terribly and i think its only going to get worse there is a pattern civilisations rise and fall and we are all on the downside///// god bless

  9. these people are like sponges on everyones it okay not to like being invaded by a lot of people who want everything from you.??people resent being told to give anything to anybody . it should be their choice. no one should be forced to take care of gimmes.they need to go home. countries have their own people to take care of.They use peoples taxes for foreigners. That is NOT right to the people who already inhabit the land. bringing in people with different beliefs is sure to cause a problem.As the leader of your lands call for their own country to be invaded while they sit there on their throne destroying their own people with foreigners

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