Joe Rogan Experience #1321 – Robert Oberst

Robert Oberst is a professional strongman who competes yearly in The World’s Strongest Man competition. He’s can also be seen on the History Channel’s “The Strongest Man In History” premiering July 10 at 10pm ET.

40 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1321 – Robert Oberst

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  2. 40:00 Technically all well known p##n websites are illegal and there for can not be regulated by the government for age restrictions but Google does have an age restriction that help not expose kids to some websites

  3. Patrik baboumian made these two big men look like lying little gossipy b******. Robert Oberst is six foot seven. Patrik baboumian is 5 foot 7 and vegan holds three Guinness World Records and his numbers aren't much smaller then a man a foot taller than him.

    And Joe Rogan lied and said Patrik baboumian was smaller than him ROFL yeah Joe Rogan can really put up the numbers Patrik baboumian is hahaha typical Meathead

    Don't believe it check out the video for yourself here's the link

  4. Oberst may be big and strong but he ain't very smart.

    Hilarious he says he means no disrespect but then calls him out as being bulshit when he's got 3 world records. And his numbers aren't much lower than his own at 6 7 guy and Patrik baboumian he's only 5 7 and vegan. Yeah get a 6 foot 7 guy vegan and see what the heck the numbers are then you can call b*******..

    Then they pull out some flat-out lies saying he only eats one meal a day. Sorry Little Joe you lied about your height too your only 5 6 you just lost all respect. Now I know most of what you say comes out of your mouth is BS. Just like little women and girls nothing but gossip

  5. Why the lying about Patrik Baboumian? Why so much pushing in a specific direction to say a bunch of false shit? He has a bigger pull than Robert, but you guys keep referencing some 600 number like you know what you're talking about. Give the anti-vegan shit a break you hack.

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