Meet the Man Far-Right Marine Le Pen Has Designated France's Only Hope (HBO)

Some 400 million Europeans from 28 countries head to the polls May 23-26 to choose their representatives at the European Parliament for the next five years. During the campaign for European elections in France this spring, the National Front (now rebranded as the National Rally) will not be headlined by a Le Pen for the first time since its inception. The party’s top candidate is a 23-year-old regional councilor named Jordan Bardella. He is certain to become the youngest MEP in history. VICE News meets up with Bardella to learn more about the new face of the far right in Europe.

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38 thoughts on “Meet the Man Far-Right Marine Le Pen Has Designated France's Only Hope (HBO)

  1. I searched for any antisemitic statement of Marine Le Pen and did not find any. Her father is very blunt about not seeing any white faces in metro at some lines, which is true, as everyone who lives in Paris knows, but antisemitism? All antisemitism now goes from Islam and the left wing. RN moved from a right-wing party to a true people's party, supported by anyone who puts France first and rejects leftist and globalist ideology.

  2. Anti Semitic and anti immigrant….. anymore anti bullshit words you can come up with Vice? Far right is bologna. It’s people wanting Sovereignty! It’s people who want less wars and more focus on their country unless someone comes to sincerely help and split the bill.. what the whole world needs moving forward!!! God Bless you Christian white hating Nazis!

  3. For VICE News leftcunt viewers, its VERY SIMPLE; ….the "populist" Parties are here to STAY and the REASON for this fact is that the "elites" have become like the Kings and Czars….they are FAR REMOVED from REALITY….if you want Third World Migrants that will eventually LIVE OFF the European people……at least we must VOTE for that, riiiiiiight ?!?….not a Unelected Burocrat will EVER decide this in the name of 600 Million Europeans….its pretty much GUARANTEED that more than 80% of all Europeans would vote NO !….Europe is ALREADY changing in that direction and Le Pen and her Party are just ONE in THOUSANDS all over Europe….SIMPLE !

  4. It's just a matter of time my friend's before patriot's like Marine Le Pen, Salvini and Orban and other populist's as they are known as now ( I call them the common sense parties) who will once and for all determine the future of Europe, they will start off by ending illegal immigration which should bring back the confidence of many citizens in Europe that feel they have been left out, and start to make people see that their leaders are starting to act "responsibly" instead of irresponsibly. The old favourite "diversity" is good for countries and their culture, has worn very,very thin…..all that means to many citizen's let's face folk's is that the illegal's are in most cases given financial priority over them and to rub it in these people get free accomodation and weekly amounts of money !!….cant be bad, can it !! whilst many of the poorest section of European society seem in many instances to be forgotten and find it extremely difficult to obtain the necessary financial help or assistance when they need it from the countries they have lived in and PAID into all their lives. The liberal/leftist section of our societies are pathetic in their welcome with open arms approach of their unsustainable philosophy. I salute every patriot of Europe who are behind these leaders like I mention above who have vision and who see the reality of what will happen in Europe if nothing changes.

  5. I watched to 1:26 seconds and then shut it off…it's a hit job….Apparently, far leftist own the media…and they call these centrist French patriots far right…what do these leftist think of the FFI during WWII? I'd like them to talk about it…apparently the FFI were far right also…in their opinion.

  6. The party that was funded by former collaborers and SS tries hard to look clean, and thanks to the pro macron medias who let racist asshats like Zemmour open their shitty mouth and trivialize xenophobia, they are managing to lure people in.

    These fucks also steals a lot of positions from the left but e everytime they claim they, too, are fighting for the workers, or women, or whatever, they have voted against what they say they defend at the Parliament.

  7. Please ! Friends of other countries dont hear the french people that tell you that : «  they are not antisemitic … » ITS FALSE ! All my family vote for them and i can tell you that this « Rassemblant National »is evil, they are homophobic, pro Life and all the discrimination so dont hear them ( sorry for my very bad english)

  8. Why won't Vice news mention that this so-called "racist" party is number one in the French overseas territories where the majority of people are black descendants of slaves ?

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