Marianne Williamson: Yes, Trump’s ICE Raids Are Exactly Like Nazi Germany

Another Democrat compares Trump’s plan to round up and deport a million undocumented immigrants to WWII.

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47 thoughts on “Marianne Williamson: Yes, Trump’s ICE Raids Are Exactly Like Nazi Germany

  1. Multibillon dollar companies owned by white folks make big money from having illegal aliens work for them. Those big companies are so protected that their brand names can't be mentioned on the news. All you hear is illegal aliens rounded up at poultry plant. Lol it's probably Tyson's chicken, if you Google Tyson's chicken illegal aliens you'll see how they hire illegal aliens. These wealthy white folks need their money so they can afford their fancy lifestyles. So nothing going to stop them from having illegal aliens come here and work for them. Trump is just pretending to do something about illegals to get votes once he's in back to normal. I wish I had a multibillon dollar company too, I'd hire illegal aliens and pay them way below minimum wage and make lots of money. Wealthy white folks could care less if poor middle class Americans have to live next to illegal aliens and have to hear loud Mexican music all night and live with the crime, those white folks live in beautiful expensive places. Lol vote Trump

  2. the congresswoman Williamson IS RIGHT! Those immigrants contribute to the american economy!!! they are in america for get a better life, and contribute to the economy!!!!

  3. Marianne needs to be deported with illegal immigrants. We don't need her here in America. She's not respecting American law. American citizens do not want illegal immigrant here and pay for them. To keep illegal immigrants in America requires a big financial burden for US citizens. Americans do not want to pay. I will have to disagree with Marianne statements.

  4. Marianne Williamson is the truth. Whatever Marianne Williamson sayings in this video. It’s happening right now. You people pick Bernie as your president is bad. Bernie doesn’t care about the Americans who are Americans. He care about his position as president. Beside people who pick Bernie know that he cannot beat Trump. Because we are in corrupt politics society allows bad things to happen in America. White supremacy is stronger than ever. Bernie isn’t the one who can beat Trump. It’s Marianne Williamson or Andrew Yang.

  5. There are many Trump supporters who think Trump's is cool and real .but this stupid American president Trump is seriously sick in racism virus that can't be cure .now America has become most brutal terrorist country commit by white supremacists .now Nazy immigration ICE working with local police officers bordering Latinos and deporting them ,mean while Nazy White supremacists walk free and organizing crimes and they been supported by Trump's uneducated supporters

  6. Yes, god forbid we decide to care about the homeless and struggling people in our country. We should allow millions of undiscovered masses of random people to steal US citizens identity and sit on healthcare paid for by people who actually work. Also, you know who else drank water? Hitler.

  7. LMFAO all those people illegally entering a country get jailed and deported in less than favorable conditions? Oh my gosh and what? They may get sent back to a worse place? Nooooooo!!! What will the liberals do to save all these innocent victims and their families?

  8. After watching WW2 colourized and then hearing about the ICE raids instantly reminded me of the nazi raids. Mass attacks, raids. Deportations, camps. Unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

  9. Not historically accurate, Jewish folks were rounded up not because they were illegal, but because of their religion, they were put in concentration camps till they died of starvation or catching some disease or just get killed right off the bat, those who lived were branded with a number… meanwhile the other is being rounded because they came here illegally and got caught, so they'll be put in a cell until they've been transported back to their country. This whole ICE raids isn't something new, it's been happening during Obama's tenure, Bush's tenure and long before them. I'm not into politics nor care about these things, but if people try to compare what is happening now to the holocaust? Then people really need to do their research.

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