Jordan Peterson Is Canada's Most Infamous Intellectual | VICE News Full Interview (HBO)

Until just a few years ago, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson was an obscure professor at the University of Toronto. The clinical psychologist has since become an infamous intellectual, particularly across the internet and to an audience of young men, in part because of his controversial ideas and critiques about gender and culture of political correctness on college campuses.

His new book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” currently ranks at the tops of the bestseller lists. The book is a mix of pop psychology and self-help, and has prompted a sold-out tour in Canada and the U.S..

VICE News attended Dr. Peterson’s talk in New York City, and traveled to his hometown of Toronto to sit-down and discuss the psychologist’s recent work and rapid rise to celebrity.

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40 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Is Canada's Most Infamous Intellectual | VICE News Full Interview (HBO)

  1. As someone who used to like and respect (yet not fully trust) Vice, because I don't fully trust any news media anymore, I lost all respect for you, Vice. You guys chopped this one up real well, didn't you? Then labeled it as the full video. Liars..

  2. Why did he get so famous? Because the feminist movement has gone off the rails and turned into something that it shouldnt have and has killed relationships and has made many women utterly toxic, and made men into soyboys. Because apparently nowadays being a cis gender straight man is considered a offensive. Because thinking differently is taboo. He is trying to stop all of that and revert back to how things should be, in a way that respects all. We need more men like him!

  3. They cut the interview. Bad people. They are trying to manipulate his thoughts.
    Bad people!!! Go watching the whole interview. Dr. PETERSON MADE IT CLEAR!!!
    Bad journalist, concerned only by his dogmatic ideology.

  4. I used to say CNN was the McDonald's of the journalism world. VICE is on the level of canned dog food. Not Purina either. Some off brand canned dog food only sold in Russia.

  5. ''Dr Peterson's new book, 12 rules for life: An antidote to chaos, […] it's a manual for young men that's equal parts pop psychology and self help. But it also includes Dr Peterson's unique spin on gender studies, which includes a lot of rankings of men and women on scales from 1 to 10 […]''

    As someone who listened to the audiobook twice, I have to say that this quote of the ''journalist'', was the most outrageous statement I have ever heard. Such a huge lie, I actually shouted ''WHAT'' at the top of my lungs when I heard it, and again when I rewinded it and heard it again.
    First off, it's not for young men. It's for everyone! Men, women, teenagers, parents, couples, singles, family men and women, neighbors, members of society, people who shoulder responsibilities, people looking for responsibilities. I actually went and recommended it to my older sister, just because of the parenting chapter, and how fascinating his take on raising children was. Young men he says… Absolutely disgraceful of him.

    And what in the heck is pop psychology? Is he calling Dr Peterson the Miley Cyrus of psychology? What does that even mean?

    And the most outrageous of all… Rankings of men and women from one to ten? WHAT??? No! Never did Dr Peterson do that! Nowhere! This is not even a case of misunderstanding, or putting words out of context, or even pulling a ''so what you're saying is…''. That is 10000% a LIE! Nowhere, was there any kind of rankings from 1 to 10, about anything at all, in the entire book.

    I'm livid right now.

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