The Case for Reparations Goes To Congress (HBO)

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Danny Glover testified about reparations in Washington on Juneteeth and debated whether we should just cut checks to the descendants of slaves or invest in social services that help them.

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35 thoughts on “The Case for Reparations Goes To Congress (HBO)

  1. “I don't think they could ever be a moment in history where both the timing and the factors are so ripe for reconciliation and understanding and really a constructive conversation about the original sin: slavery and the brutality of slavery," said Lee.
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  2. A Call to my Black American People of Slave Descendant, Black Reparations resides in Malcolm X philosophy of economic separation, Black Wall Street concept. Communities of Black America currently have the internal means to independently succeed. Restrain, Retain and Maintain the Black economic power; Restrain from spending amongst competing culture, Retain the financial inter-structure gained from recirculation of dollars and Maintain a consistent behavior of patronizing Black businesses within your communities. This communal economic concept has proven successful amongst many immigrant cultures entering the United States, migrating to predominantly Black American neighborhoods and profiting of the limited resources of lower income Black minorities. Altho this concept of working outside the taxation of local government may appear Un-American to most, history has proven it successful by “Black Wall Street, Tulsa Ok.” And acceptable to the many present day migrating immigrant cultures entering America. “Black American Reparations is to be left alone” American Black Panther Party, Black American leader Malcolm X. The model of success is for Black Americans to rise up from the failed attempt of Black Wall Street, and put forth its best attempt to replicate that successful Black American Community. Turn that Black frown upside down and once again make Black beautiful in America, lets not talk about it and be about it. Is it not said? “Your God will help those who will help themselves”

  3. ya i'll pay reparations when the Russians and the Germans pay me for destroying my home country, taking all my ancestors lands, leaving my grandmother in a camp in Siberia to starve to death, and shipping my mother when she was 6 years old to an orphanage in the caucuses to be on her own. You will never be able to ACTUALLY right the wrongs of history.

  4. Anthony Johnson a black businessman in the 1700s, sued for and won in court the right to own slaves, the father of American slavery, another point is the Irish were sold as slaves in America because of Anthony Johnson's lawsuit, and treated much worse. Let's light this candle you ignorant POSs.

  5. Hell no my family was not even here but guess what im a white man so because of the color of my skin I have to give people money even though none of them were ever slaves that is racisim and stupid

  6. While I don’t believe that slavery was right, those who were slaves have passed on and I do not agree that just because you had ancestors from 100 years ago or more that were slaves should not entitle anyone for reparations today. Also, not all have ancestors who were slaves so, if such a bill were to be passed how would the government determine who the recipients would be and how much would be paid out per person or per family.

  7. So it's only white people who supposedly "benefited" from slavery? More and more divide and conquer. Seems to me some of these so-called "oppressed" people aren't willing to take any responsibility for their own situation. Tell me why since the civil rights movement blacks are in a worse situation than before?

  8. So will all the kids sent to Australia from the UK and Ireland against their will get reparations? Are they asking for reparations from the first slave traders the Arabs? Take a trip to The Gulf and see all the money there!

  9. These rich, successful, famous men dare to ask for reparations! How dare them?! And if anyone has to pay, is the Democratic Party, the party of slavery!

  10. Reparations you been paid back, how many generations of blacks been on housing and food stamps and welfare, that is more then what slaves would get paid for a lifetime of work, pay in that time was $0.14 cents a week so think about it if the government would add it up with the new population of blacks compared from the time of slavery to todays population blacks people owes the government for all the food stamps and housing and welfare, of benefits received by blacks. If any people should get reparations it's the native american indian people,

  11. We should crunch the real numbers how many man hours of slavery – disproportionate use of Social Services. Affirmative action negroland grants and Aid to Africa. The difference we can pay them. However if the numbers add up the other way they should pay us

  12. Reparations…. Search; blackmail, payola, bribery, pandering, buying votes, identity politics, victimhood culture, minority status, special interests, old white males, white privilege, race card, leftists, black privilege, blm, george soros, cultural appropriation……..

  13. Nobody owes any of you a damn thing. Want reparations. Go to africa and get it from the leaders that sold the slaves. The democrats run the biggest slavery scam in the country now. They call it welfare. They get all the lazy dumbasses to sign up for it to put the chains back on. Its called welfare. Socialism is glorified slavery. All the new green deal bs well equipment would be outa the question to so i guess the corton fields would come back to life to.

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