California Mudslides Cleanup & Leaderless Republicans: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the January 18, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

3:43 – This morning, President Trump took a sledgehammer to his own party’s best shot at avoiding a government shutdown: nixing the idea of an extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program … the main bargaining chip that Congressional Republicans were planning on using.

6:37 – 2017 has been a pivotal year for women. Since the election of Donald Trump for president, the momentum for women to speak out has been on the rise. VICE News details the rise of the # metoo movement and the surge of female candidates signing up to run for office.

8:28 – Last week, Montecito, California saw destructive mudslides that killed at least 20 people and damaged hundreds of home. The city now faces a daunting cleanup with no end in sight. VICE News follows along as dump trucks attempt to clean up the city by hauling away the dirt to a nearby beach town.

12:43 – Turkish President Erdogan has engaged an ‘independent’ group of lawyers – led by notorious mercenary for hire Bob Amsterdam – to expose and articulate Fethullah Gulen’s clandestine charter school movement in the United States.

21:44 When Trump mockingly tweeted about good Ol’ Global Warming during the recent cold spell, Jersey Shore cast member Vinny Guadagnino tweeted back that climate change is far more complex than hot or cold weather. So VICE News had the former MTV celebrity sit down with a climate scientist to discuss some of his burning climate questions.

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40 thoughts on “California Mudslides Cleanup & Leaderless Republicans: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. Vice thought they could address the EPA issue again on another video, and thought I wouldn't post some truth on this one. This is a reply to another video that was uploaded on the INITIAL EPA video that is at the end of this one. This is all a result of over 30 plus years of corrupt administrations letting corporations pollute for PROFIT. I live in a small town in Ohio, Lima Ohio to be exact. I remember as a kid going in to the rivers and catching frogs and turtles that had extra "growths". Now i won't even go into most of the rivers around here because you can smell the chemicals and sewage. Don't blame Trump for a simple decision. Especially when there has been many administrations before letting corporations pay off EPA employees to change levels of all sorts of chemicals and additives, or just plain threatening them with their jobs. Nice to see people don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when 90% of the negative people's opinions have NEVER spent a day in or near the waterways

  2. Last part was abit cringy. Getting an idiot from a long dead Network to try and talk to someone serious about climate change. Best get someone better next time who can help her get the important parts of the unbalance in are weather out there to people who don't pick up a science book.

  3. I love watching these a few days after. Watching vice try to put the shutdown on the GOP only to watch it completely backfire on the dems and make them look bad and disorganized is exactly why they’re losing credibility.

  4. Instead of letting the climate expert speak and actually say something informative, let's film the dumb ass from the Jersey Shore being a dumb ass from Jersey Shore. Quality reporting Vice..

  5. They were on the right track but then they put pussies on their heads because it isnt serious, its like a farmers market just something to do on a Saturday if they were and truly felt they were second class citizens they would be marching in the streets for days they would march to dc not just do a lap around their own towns. Everyone just wants to be a victim nobody can take responsibility, its someone elses fault they dont have what they want, no im sorry the fault lies with you, you take what you want you dont ask for it nicely.

  6. Why did you send somebody from "The Jersey Shore" to do an interview on such a serious matter as global warming!? This is the dumbest thing "Vice News" has ever done.

  7. You Trump supporters need to realize that vice doesn't care what your comments say at all, because they know that regardless of what their video uploads are about, you will still tune in to watch their videos… They just care about the views they don't care about how much you worship Trump more than God…

  8. All those heavy vehicles sure contribute a lot of CO2 to global warming, which is the whole reason natural disasters are all getting worse anyway, and must cost a whole lot, that we the people pay, oh and where does it go?
    Srsly just get a big hose and pump and suck it out! Oh but that's not as expensive, right..

  9. I want to date Isbell Yeung she's perfect,smart, bold an beautiful wish I could just take her out for one night I'm 25 not some creepy dude I never posted anything like this before I feel weird doing but who els agrees she's amazing an has to be a wonderful person

  10. I love vice views but cone on guys. Stop with all the anti trump media. Literally blamed trump on the shutdown. When it was 95 percent of democrats that voted no to keep the government open. You allow that to happen. Myself and my brothers in the military werent going to get paid because of you.

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