FARC Goes Legit & SB4 In The Rio Grande Valley: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

August 31, 2017, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

As a federal judge temporarily blocked Texas from enforcing Senate Bill 4 (S.B. 4)–a measure that mandates Texas operate under Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) law and bans sanctuary cities–VICE News examines the controversial law and what it might tell us about the Trump administration’s plans for immigration policy.

In Crosby, Tex., two blasts rocked a chemical plant left without power by floodwaters. Plant officials say more fires and explosions could happen.

FARC has announced that it will launch a political party Friday. VICE News takes us behind the scenes with FARC as they prepare for the launch and hear how they plan to convince Colombians that they are a credible alternative to traditional politicians.

Plus, Grizzly Bear breaks down Neighbors, a song from their album, Painted Ruins, which came out Aug 18th.

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50 thoughts on “FARC Goes Legit & SB4 In The Rio Grande Valley: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. No sympathy for those free-riders who cheat the system and enter our country illegally. There are Americans that live in third world conditions across the country, especially in the Rio Grande Valley, and liberals are more concerned about helping foreigners.

  2. Over 50 % of all contracting jobs in Texas are legal a llien held. Unfair to the insured, tax paying legit contractors and depressed wages. Deport and apply to immigrate legally.

  3. I love vice but the farc situation is bull… the agreement is bull… us as colombians have to pay them for there war crimes the leave with a clean slate. Most of these people are criminals and that switch does not turn off just because they signed a paper

  4. My ancestors have been here since the beginning. Why make everyone who wants legal migration out to be racist! I know why… have no other argument. You sound like a little kid. Try talking to immigrants who did things the right way……most can't stand the illegals! Guess there racists ……huh?

  5. First, Latinos/Latinas are people whose ancestors had inhabited the area known as Italy and its periphery. Only, Americans call Hispanics Latinos and most of the illegal aliens living in Texas are Mexicans, not Hispanics, thus the bill doesn't seem racist.

  6. I see Vice showing both sides of the coin, but the way the FARC is portrayed here looks so unrealistic, they were a communist in the past, but then became terrorist that brainwashed people. FARC is just like ISIS, if they get to the power Colombia will become a Venezuela.

  7. Leftist violence seems to be reviled more than right wing violence or government violence. Im saying the math doesnt add up..if the numbers are correct in that column. I cant be the only one to notice.

  8. stupid fucking Texas… impose a law enforcement bill that your own law enforcement says is a bad idea. don't require chemical plants to report what kind of chemicals they store. what a bunch of dumb fucking assholes. y'all deserve that hurricane damage.

  9. joey dias, (I might be miss quoting sorry) "When they deport these people, who are going to raise all these rich white kids I see whith mexican mothers who are rasing them wile there fucked up parents take aderall and ruin our country. I think it's hillarious"

  10. how do people illegally immigrate to a country then protest against laws that help stop illegal immigration chanting "we are the people"???? you are no where near "the people" you in fact dont even belong in the country

  11. So they are worried they are going to be found out breaking our country's immigration law when Texas puts a new law on the books to make it easier to find out who and where they are? What rights does a illegal immigrant have under our Constitution? That is a trick question BTW.

  12. FARC is an narco-terrorist group that uses far left discourse and arguments to cover up their real face and intentions. A peace deal with farc will only give them more time to reorganize and attack harder after an certain time passes. The worst thing for everyone is now that this terrorist organization will now have an way bigger propaganda power through parliament in a country that is corrupt to its core with its every Institution. It is an dangerous game USA forces Colombians to play. No one will benefit from this so called peace deal that is destined to fail!

  13. Thy don't immigrants come to the US legally?
    These assholes are just winning sympathy as they are bloody minorities though the fault is their owns.
    Vice is bullshit, it just supports the minorities and doesn't care about the people who are living legally and feel a threat from these undocumented immigrants!

  14. What doesn't ANYONE understand about the word "ILLEGAL"? These people leave countries that are practically lawless to come to a country that is now consistently breaking the law to allow them here…. all this while there IS a way for them to be here legally. So basically you can rob a bank here if you're a little old lady….

  15. nazis: we want to kill/imprison and violate the human rights of muslims,non-whites, homosexuals and trans people!
    conservatives/centrist:we must protect their freedom of speech, nazis have rights too!

    socialists:"we want to give people free healthcare, and higher basic income also we are against discrimination and ethnic cleansing"
    conservatives/centrist:"all commies must die"

  16. Oh vice. What happened to you. Shame on you for pushing George Soros' race war agenda forward. Why are you helping a nazi divide this country? Karma will get you in the end.

  17. I really hate how Vice associates the desires of criminals with immigrants as a whole. The overwhelming majority of immigrants are law-abiding citizens, not criminals. The only people who need to worry are illegal aliens, drug smugglers, human traffickers, and other undesirables. Immigrants need not worry, only the worthless, thuggish "undocumented" who have done so much to ruin America.

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