Conservative Ghetto & Palestinian Spies: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the July 18, 2017, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

VICE News reports on “Conservative Move” – a company that will help move you and your family to any Republican stronghold.

After the assassination of a top Hamas official by suspected Palestinian informants for Israel, the group’s long and intense operation to root out spies within the Gaza Strip has been escalated. VICE News examines what motivates Palestinians to betray Hamas — and risk execution — by collaborating with Israeli intelligence.

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49 thoughts on “Conservative Ghetto & Palestinian Spies: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. I studied the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, and the continued racism and propaganda from Israel disgusts me. Hearing this man say "what is this word, Palestine?" Just confirmed again how wrong they are. (It's a sovereign county recognized worldwide) But as the US we seem to be fine with taking other's lands, making promises we won't keep, and SIGNING MULTIPLE TREATIES and then immediately doing the opposite. It's illegal, and morally abhorrent, and I'm ashamed in 2019 to still be affiliated and support a country that is doing exactly what we did to the native Americans. Stealing sovereign land and lying about it. Disgusting. Shame on us all!

  2. That guy with the Intelligence service is an asshole. "Palestine? I don't know this name." Seriously? Stop calling it a two-state solution if you won't even recognize the other state. And every intelligence service in the world knows you protect your assets. Or maybe they know some executions will happen, and let them so they can use them as propaganda against Hamas.

  3. Just another cult for rich loonies. Hey guys, you can keep yourselves and your families super pure by never leaving the compound. Just order all your food from Jim Bakker's new con game based on the soon-to-arrive end of the world. Hold on, maybe you will be able to get Jim's specials at the compound shop. You can easily find it, It has a large parking lot. You'll surely be able to get Jim's super-family-size long time storage barrels of instant meals. The ones he likes to taste and 'mmm' about on his sacred time 'just for you and your loved ones'. He's proud never to have missed a broadcast, just for you and your family. Except, of course for last month, when he was required to attend a parole meeting. Just wait 'till you have an argument with the management. You are going to find out just what kind of Christian their kind of Christian is. I don't think quoting Bible verses will help out.

    Best wishes in your new home and remember to carry a gun. All of your neighbors are armed and have the safety off. You might need something just to defend yourself from your neighbors. Or, you might find him envious. In which case you will want to shoot him dead immediately (Read or reread The Ten Commandments. The full version in the Bible). You are probably protected in Texas by laws about deeply held beliefs. Remember, he who shoots first, lives to shoot again. Cults are notorious for requiring all residents to believe the same thing and believe it in the same way and with the same fervor. Remember: safety off. Cheers.

  4. No one is talking about it, but I have quite a bit of respect for the mayor based on his comments. It's much easier to surround oneself in a community of like minded individuals than it is to try and have a respectful conversation with your neighbor about their views. I mean, what happened to our beautiful democracy and ability to work together as a nation?

  5. CALIFORNIA SUCKS!!!!!!!!! In some places it costs over double, than it does in NYC to rent an apartment. A SMALL RATTY, ROACH-RIDDEN ROOM!!! bedbugs included for free! That is the number 1 reason why there are so many homeless in California.

  6. that actually looks like a nice town . . .those of us with families would rather live in a nice quiet place that a shit hole like Detroit or Chicago .
    what's wrong with trying to live in peace in a nice quiet clean place ??? ..

  7. I'm a conservative and I think that conservative bubble is complete bs. I find it ridiculous that as Americans we cannot coexists because of political differences. They are literally the right wing version of a snowflake…..

  8. Conservatives are fucking weak. Cant deal with different people or different opinions because they get so easily offended and they cant handle people who are different. They are no better than the liberals, they just cant live and let live, so weak and pathetic.

  9. Do you like your news delivered by millennials with zero personality, do you like click bait titles, do you like leftist opinion over fact?.. You do!! Then you're in luck as Vice is here to tell you how you should be thinking on current issues!

  10. I make 12,000 dollars a year, I do not qualify for Medicare, I don't qualify for food stamps and I the price of my healthcare is more than I make per year. I had ACA until Trump refused to fund it, I live in a swing state…

    I hate that people try and use being conservative to support being racist. He calls California a failed liberal state, he knows that California and the other wealthiest states are liberal and progressive.

  11. This whole liberal vs. conservative movement/ideology/doctrine has gotten out of hand. Although it is making some people rich and while others are being fed Kool-Aid.

  12. What occupation ? Thers no occupation in gaza , if you checked a lil better you findout that hamas run gaza area by themselves and under their own law system
    . And the fact that thers no settelments in gaza. The gaza strip is under arab/hamas authority. FACT

  13. Does anyone else hate that black annoying girl yelling. "Let's GO! .. Not that black has anything to do with it.. Come on VICE, you can put better content than that annoying B**

  14. Why do VICE reporters look and act so unprofessional? By compilation they make Alex Jones look like Walter Cronkite. I would not let anyone in my home, much less appear on camera, who looked like he came from the homeless shelter.

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