Do We Need Stricter Gun Control? – The People Speak

VICE News traveled around the world speaking to people about guns, gun control, and differences in global attitudes on firearms.

In this episode, we asked you whether the US should have stricter gun control laws, and how effective stricter gun control laws are in other countries.

Find out what people from Tel Aviv, Israel to San Jose, Costa Rica had to say about about it, and tell us what you think: share a post with the hashtag #vicenews on Twitter, or send us a Skype video message.

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24 thoughts on “Do We Need Stricter Gun Control? – The People Speak

  1. what i find funny even if they take all firearms my gun i will still have because it is black powder it is classifie guns comed the same as a bow but it took first place in shooting for state comp. against 357 and 44 mags . the wound from my gun is way worse then modern guns the civil war wounds were the worse in history .so if they were to band my gun they would have to band knifes and bows too because my gun is legal in most countries .and what find even funnier is i can get a gun from england just as easy as america matter in fact i can get them right from a military base u just have too know the right people . so do u think a criminal is not going to go this rout . and how will the military fight if u band there guns just so the people don't get there hands on them .then u have to look at the police after they had a buy back program the gun that they were suppose to destroy ended up killing some one how did that happen they would not sell them to criminals would they ,just to pass more laws no they would never do that would they . same with they would never drop a nuke on people to find out the full out would they wait they did in the south pacific to islands that were populated. then i head that they would never fire on people but they did for throwing a battle . then u have to ask will the police have guns or do they not . i know people that have cases of guns berried so now what u do if these guns come out how do u protect ur self from that after they take ur guns .

  2. What left wing retard put this together? True Americans don't need permission from the rest of the world or that anti American hole california this is a joke, you people keep talking no one hears you past laughing at you, you all make great jesters

  3. Mean while in England we are unsustainability taxed and unless we fit the current narrative we are not heard in a democratic sense. Good job guns, bombs, knives, tasers, free speech, hurting feelings, soon cars with engines are illegal, it really stopped all those crimes…. Yeah…it didn't.. it just stopped many of us being able to defend our selves, having agency over our own lives and in many cases stops us enjoying ourselves and you know what happens to people who don't have joy in their lives? They die of sadness. Slow, miserable, soul wrenching depression. But at least the lefties get to have their joy in increasingly unsustainable ideals of correctness and "equality".

  4. No we need more parents that don't blameone another, stricter school systems, less technology , some need more meds and the constitution needs to be slammed down on the table and this , this, and this is what it states and your ''FEELINGS" shouldnt control the country . All this non sense got bad when Obama was president and now the Dems are upset they lost their "freedom" of expression . SO no to the stricter gun control laws

  5. My firearm right is my right as everyones right that is a American, i have my chl we need to teach our kids a bullet is forever and whip the shit out of em with a belt from time to time

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