Joe Rogan Experience #1318 – Hotep Jesus

Hotep Jesus is a tech investor, marketer and author. His book “Dominate Twitter” is available on

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  1. all these comments calling him crazy but hes actually partially right, even to this day tribes in south america have traces of australian aborigine dna so not sub saharan africa but still black people were in south america at around 2000 BC ( olmec culture )look up pictures of their heads they are undeniably african, just like how the easter island heads have undeniably caucasian traits, schools leave huge parts of history out of the story do your research people!!

  2. 2:18:19, that book is actually by Ivan Van Sertima. Ppl can also read The Destruction of African Civilization by Chancellor Williams or The African Origins of Civilization by Chiekh Anta Diop.

    John Henrik Clarke wrote several books too.

    Hotep still sound crazy w/o sources and research.

  3. People need to really learn about Africa and Africans…I hate how the history has created this false image about Africa and Africans..
    Blackman is a god..God is an African man…before anyone knew who yaweh is the power of yaweh used to used to be in Africa and Moses is a first person to see God…before people have to learn more about who was Moses

  4. So many white ppl are commenting on everything but the content that's bring spoken or are super closed minded on most pieces of it. How do you expect to understand why we interact the way we do?

  5. First, archeological evidence supports that stone age European whites were in the Americas before Native Americans first arrived from Asia… at least 11,000 years earlier…

    Second, there were African blacks with Columbus when he arrived, which included Juan Las Canaries, who was a crewman on Columbus' flagship, the Santa Maria…

    It is also plausible that Africans came here earlier before… Evidence has stated that even the Chinese landed on the Pacific coast at one point, as some Native Americans on the Pacific coast are linked to these Chinese by DNA… There is also a report of Egyptian artifacts found in the Grand Canyon back in the early 20th Century… all to disappear by the Smithsonian… who have admitted to destroying tons of archaeological artifacts over the years…

    But, I'm leery of these reports and studies as they often time have agendas behind them and can be biased… and misleading…

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