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Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, syndicated columnist, and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. His new book “The Right Side Of History” is available now everywhere.

38 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1276 – Ben Shapiro

  1. 2 rich men agree that it's a great time to be alive…….. That's depressing af. Coming from an honest, hard working man living in poverty without any visible escape. I promise you this is hell. Maybe we will all get lucky after a while🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  2. This was over all a really good conversation.. but I’m pretty sure Ben says he doesn’t believe in naturalistic explanation when it came to religion and pork yet he justified Moses splitting the Red Sea with a naturalistic explanation??? Anyone else catch that???

  3. Drugs policy in the USA sucks as its all about catching the end user/addict, but the importer and top level dealers do 1000x more damage to the country

  4. I love Joe and I think he's a very intelligent and well read person, but wow. It was hard to hear him stumble through this interview, and completely ignore responses, miss the point, and/or beat a topic to death.

    I think Shapiro must have had to make the distinction between personal belief and government enforcement ten times.

  5. I lived in Nicargua for two years teaching English, I gave me top five students enough money to start them in a business, they lived in dire poverty, they are successful people now ten years later, I helped many people. The people there struggled and were anything put lazy, the ideas and starting in business and making a living where they had no hand outs but free medical care, and homes. They were up at the crack of dawn, spotless homes, children in uniforms, disciplined people but all left wing. They were very successful, the women going around doing nails to make money, cleaning homes. I live in the neighborhood. There was no bullying, or ped a files. I find right wing people are uncaring and undiciplined and don't think outside the box how to fix things. 51% of Americans are living in poverty. He has never been poor, I challenge him to live on two dollars a day.

  6. You can tell when Rogan believes in something strongly and try to get someone to believe the same way he does. From the weed that the agreement could also be that either god made weed to test his ppl to make sure they live by the book or it was the devil to temp ppl and on gay marriage. Shapiro clearly said he didn't care yes he said he didn't agree with it but dint believe the government should step in a tell ppl what they can and cant do but Rogan kept pushing for him to believe the same as he does. Shapiro should of just said to Rogan look you can say all you want but you will not change my beliefs or view

  7. I am a centerist, I am very disciplined, I was a mother at 17 put myself through College and University by myself, became a top performer at my job, I do meditation, yoga, tai chi, exercise cardio one hour, ride my bike to work 1/2 hour and back home. I am not right wing, I used to be Liberal all my life, I fell right wing are not what Ben said, not disciplined the ones I know don't excercise really overweight, my experience is the left are fit here in Canada. I was born poor but my Uncle a Teacher gave me Charles Dickens to read at 6 years old, Tibetan book of the dead at 8, having theological discussion with my priest at 8 one hour every week, put into school for gifted children. I had a child at 17 he is very wrong about that. My father was supportive my Mother introduced me to Ram Dass and every religion at 8 years old. Meditation. I received subsidized day care, for a hand up until I made enough at my job. This is bull shit. Ben has never had it rough so how can he talk of this. I am not lazy…Unless you have been poor and gone hungry you have no right to judge others. I completely disagree with him. He has never been poor, 51% live below proverty level. He is an uncaring typical right wing person. No one I knows enjoys being on welfare. The best debate about God I ever saw was apparently a true incident at the Concentration Camp where they put God on Trial, a group of prisioners debated for and against the existance of God. Amazing show. Can't find it anymore.

  8. This was an awesome convo. Both of these men challenge my thinking.
    One extremely cringe-worthy moment was Joe’s comments about Moses & the Burning Bush. Old Testament Hebrew has a word for both “acacia” and “tree” both of which are used elsewhere in Exodus. Why wouldn’t the author have just said “burning acacia tree?” Why would he write “burning bush” when the proper words were known to him. And Ben’s response was spot on: availability doesn’t equal expediency.

  9. But Joe, Trying to make an argument by saying "Don't you think some things were put here by God for us to use?" isn't an argument. A pedophile could say the same thing about a child. It's really only an attempt to manipulate a response by trying to use the logic Ben has with religion. You want to smoke? Then smoke. I'm not stopping you. But I have no interest in marijuana, & I'm really tired of hearing about it. I've already had many bad experiences with it in the past. That's all I need to know, & all you need to hear when you offer it to someone that doesn't smoke the shit is "No thanks." Then move on. Stop pushing it on people!

  10. Will UBI not basicly stop consumption? how is that going to work if the robots create products that no one can buy? yeah making it cheaper but still i dont think it will work since u cant buy enough to sustain.

  11. Life has lots of twist and turns and everything absolutely everything is situational and circumstantial. Sometimes you can not control things and have very unique circumstances with rare unforeseeable variables. Its why things like Law and Medical is called a Practice. Politics is a Practice. In an ever changing climate there is no way everything is certain or in other words… there is a lot of grey between the thin lines of black and white. However, that being said there are lines to follow for many reasons for self preservation most importantly. But you see it with parents being jailed for using thc oils to successfully treating their children. A woman marrying a gay man so his family doesn't disown him and allow him an open marriage. Rare family court cases where non biological fathers are jailed for not payinch child support. Being sold/Assuming socialism will really make life that much better. Law medicine and politics. There are millions of examples. That being said. Government should stay out of our lives. But we do need policing. But the general rule is don't be an asshole and the policing can be done for the most part by ourselves.

    Just my general drunken rant.

  12. I agree with majority of Ben's point of views, but when it comes to religion there are a lot of loop holes because of his loyalty to his belief (which i respect a lot) I mean this man is the epitome of intelligence yet he's brainwashed by religion. that is scary. I mean having "old" and "new" testament alone is a blatant proof that people made that shit up.

  13. Joe…JUST DROP THE GAY F'ING thing‼️‼️🙄😪🤦🏻‍♀️😵 Ben reiterated his point/view/opinion/stance, etc. on gays & gay relationships, etc. But yet, you can't just let it go! You can't accept that Ben has an extremely valid point on gays & what that topic/"issue," plays out in his real life. GREAT JOB Ben‼️💓‼️❣️

  14. Ben Shapiro is incredible. Joe Rogan is incredible. This podcast is incredddddibllle‼️👏🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🤯😍🥰💓🏆🥇🏅🙌🏻😊💁🏻‍♂️❤️👑🤛🏻👊🏻💯🌟😁😀☺️❣️‼️

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