Joe Rogan Experience #1316 – Abby Martin

Abby Martin is a journalist and host of the “The Empire Files” — The Empire Files documentary “Gaza Fight For Freedom” will be available soon.

33 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1316 – Abby Martin

  1. I used to hang out with Abby in Junior high school, it's so cool that she is on Joe Rogan now! We kind of gravitated towards opposite sides of the political spectrum, but I agree with her on many issues still

  2. Tell the people that iran said they want a nuke just to use it against the USA and Israel, that's a 100% fact, we offered them a great deal, only to promise not to make nuclear bombs and they wont promise that so fuck Iran

  3. Joe! Here is what I honestly do not understand:

    You both seem to accurately grasp the grotesque actions of a powerful government seeking to squelch dissent and civil liberties in the sixties.

    But you both seem to support candidates who believe in creating a larger, more powerful, ever more controlling Federal government.

    How does that make sense?

  4. Joe loves to try and please ALL PEOPLE, and it's so pathetic. He changes his tune depending on the company currently in front of him. He is clearly part of the left, yet he criticizes it more and more now…when it comes to MMA forget about it… A total frontrunning whore!! His dream is to be gangbanged by both connor and khabib, that way he can go back and forth on sucking their cocks just like he does in real life….

  5. It is crazy to think that in the 1950s there were people alive that can remember slavery. Only 1.5 life times away slavery was happening.

    Great grandma and grandpa. People that are passed, but you can remember!

    It brings it home to think that it isn't something that happened somewhere else, a long time ago.

  6. i saw Sam Harris talking defending Israel as always and saying that abby was talking shit and i thought he was wrong for saying that but then i heard her talking about maduro and i realized that she is full of shit
    Shes blaming her own country for whats happening in Venezuela while she enjoys the pleasure of living in an Empire

    OF course the US involved somehow with the Venezuelan opposition but the real cause for the Venezuelan crisis iits called Hugo Chavez who decided to install a communist sate with the money he was getting by selling oil to the US: Finally the uS decided to not to buy oil from Venezuela anymore and now Maduro has to deal with that:

    Venezuela has always been partners with the US by trading oil for gasoline and that actually never changed with Chavez:

    You fucking !st world leftist need to do your own fucking research and spot blaming everything on the US and Capitalism; grow the fuck up

    I never write on comments but i just cannot tolerate having to listen to some !st world bitch praising dictators just to look cool

    i dont know much about the Israel Palestine so i wont defend either of them; i personally think both jews and palestinians are violent fuckers; maybe they should all just kill each other so we can move on

  7. No options given type of economy where income is so low you join the military or do odd jobs for the rest of your life. The wars will be domestic and foreign….water allegedly is going down hill and agriculture will deplete… luckily we have people working for those causes before they come to term. It will be grand and I won't be here when it happens. Good Luck….

  8. 24K votes up and 13K down on a Rogan podcast?? Israel is hard at work down-voting this lady to no end lol it’s hilariously obvious they are just angry she is exposing their crimes against humankind. There is injustice in every country, but when a nation abuses 2 million people stuck on a strip of land ONE TENTH the size of Rhode Island year after year with zero repercussions, it is obvious something is very sick and twisted in their nation to allow this to continue happening. It’s disgusting. Very shameful…

  9. He needs more female perspective to include trans women’s perspective and non gender binary perspective on the show – hate it when he has a bunch of bone heads.

    Here’s the issue: men with small penis are sadly plagued with a myriad of inadequacies beginning with those minuscule genitals. This makes the THEM boneheads and serial killers and women haters and hateful- also makes them buy huge trucks and overcompensate.

    Many are features on the podcast – you need more women to balance out the boneheads. I don’t agree will all that Martin says – but it’s nice to hear her perspective.

    So much better than hearing about that meat diet that’s always featured here.

  10. Even as a conservative I love this girl. Super high intellect and wildly interesting. I do have to say I REALLY liked her punk rock thing she always had going way better than the formal(ish) attire. Kinda reminded me of vice when it was still good.

  11. Clearly, given the bulk of the content revealing the horrors invested upon the Palestinian people, and exposing Zionist Israel, vs. the comments on this board and the dislikes, our good friends in Israel who monitor the internet have carefully erased a great deal of comments from this page. They may not be banning the content but they are certainly banning and erasing commentary.
    Far too many Americans are d4mn well aware of the atrocities going on in Palestine (call it Israel if yo want,,it's Palestine) and the lack of comments is absolutely disproportionate with comments that would bring us together.
    Zionists built Google, a Zionist is the CEO of You Tube. If you think they aren't controlling content on the largest podcast (or one of) in the world, you are a fool.
    Abby, you are a hero. Continue to stand for the truth about 'the Synagogue of Satan' as Revelations refers to them.
    I'm not the best Christian in the world, and you don't have to be any religion. One of my best friends is Jewish, and she stands firmly against the filth of Zionism and Israel.
    All rational people should stand against them. You will not hear about it, often, in the mainstream media (for obvious reasons).
    And if you bastards call me anti-semitic, you can go to hell because I have no prejudice in my body. The Jewish people are the biggest victims of the lies of Israeli Zionism.

    They own my country. In my Christian opinion, when Christ returns, he will annhilate Israel immediately. There is no more evil on this planet.
    Israel murdered 100's of American Navy soldiers on the U.S.S. Liberty in an effort to appear as if they were Egypt to try to get America to go to war with Egypt. Zionist Israeli's did 9/11.

    They think they are entitled to several coutries around Israel.
    It is called the Yinon plan of greater Israel.
    It includes Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen and Jordan (or parts of those countries).

    What do those countries have in common.

    If I'm wrong about the Yinon plan of Greater Israel I will accept the harshest punishment Jesus Christ could bestow upon me.

    I pray every night for God to burn Israel to hell. May God damn them to hell.

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