Joe Rogan Experience #1284 – Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” & “Magicians of the Gods”. His new book “America Before” comes on out April 23.

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  1. So the ice age melted. Then continents were born, or something like that?
    And what about God? I'm not part of any religion. Just religious n try to be right in the eyes of God. But because of things I have seen, and even the entire aspect of my journey has taught me there is more. A whole lot more than just this. Something created this and that this, I call God singular, that he or she made everything. I know alot of people are dogmatic. But I think if any person obtained something to have power of masses; I think it would have been changed n the original purpose abused.
    Again to stay in track cause I ramble. Maybe the ice age did melt. I believe that asteroid did hit south America or whatever n cause an event. But instead of science or relgion. Or any side vs any side. When will we fix things? I am not the smartest person by any means, yet I can think of 2 or 3 things that would help the ecosphere n therefore people. But our rich n powerful worry about self, our enlightened people worry about knowing all. Yet we do stupid things over n stay in a tribal mentality .
    Imagine if we built our schools up n poor communities I stead of sattelites n rockets? Or anything similiar. I just think we get sidetracked is all.
    I am 32 going on 33. So I got atleast 10 left probably more like 27. But I am gonna go to school, n accomplish some of things I dream hopefully. If i make 1 thing happen that would still be a victory. And what if 1 million wealthy people with resources n know how did the same? Then you transform a civilisation.

  2. I'm not sure why they act like there's a lot of mystery surrounding how the pyramids were built. The dude's not wrong, a ramp at 10 degrees would have to be very long in order to deliver such large stone blocks that high up.

    Or at least, it would have to be long if it's a unidirectional ramp. But that's not how the ramp was built. It's hard to describe without some sort of visual aid, but imagine a ramp that resembles a winding mountain road; rather than one long ramp going in one direction, you have a ramp that goes one way, then turns the other way, back and forth like a zig-zag with a shallow angle of ascension. Once the pyramids were built, they could disassemble this ramp bit by bit and use the materials for other projects (probably a combination of sand, mud brick, and wooden beams)

  3. Nobody gets my imagination going the way Graham has over the past few years. I fall asleep to his old specials all the time. If I had limitless resources, I'd be pursuing the same field of study. It's honestly the singular line of thought that I find most compelling. I daydream about this stuff all the time.

  4. Just pushing the "no God" theory ,tipical Rogan bullshit. I'm sure they pay him good to have these idiots on,if God's not in it,it's a lie,period. We need to worry about our future, not our past. Get right with Jesus, and be saved from hell. All you have to do is believe that Jesus paid for your sins,and is the son of God,ask him to forgive you of your sins. He is waiting. God bless you all.

  5. of course people in civilizations from thousands of years ago were spiritually connected to the universe. they didn’t have all this technology or sports or tv or anything to distract them like we do. only thing they had to keep there attention was the environment around them and making sure the community survived and thrived which probably led to some sort of psychologically connectivity.

  6. So essentially, 12,000 years ago there existed a civilization that might rival our own in terms of technology (give or take) that seeded the thought of civilization into many other lands, riding in snake boats or something, who have a fascination with horizons and vissages?

  7. he talks about the Amazon as tho modern researchers expect no archaeological finds there, maybe that was the norm in the day he was in college, but for my studies it was made very clear that extensive finds were waiting to be found both beneath coastal waters and in the rain forests.

    half his game is to present accepted reality as though it is controversial and ground breaking. literally anyone who studies the Maya knows there are still more finds waiting to be uncovered and him trying to take credit for 'predicting' it is a bit like trying to take credit for 'a large war will someday erupt among humanity'

  8. Wasn't there a woman in the 1970's who did a dig in Mexico and found evidence of human activity dating back 200,000 years who was completely shut down after that. Couldn't get funding or a job after and she was very young.

  9. i love graham hancock man i first saw him on jre podcast back when he was talking about his book about the take over of tenochitlitan with moctezuma which i read i just forgot the name of the book but hoy was it a great book which i learned from and it was amazing, then on the same podcast he talked about his experiences with ayahuasca, i love this guy and his take on things quite an amazing guy and love wverytime he is on the podcast, please bring him back thanks joe

  10. 1:00:20 Do better?

    This is such a profound thought i had to share it with the world.

    The problem with our western culture is the notion that individual people should do better.
    It takes away from the less immediate family and community of that individual and thus, takes away our connection to everyone around us.

    Tribal people, like our ancestors, done so well because everything the individual does directly benefits, not just the family, but the whole community around them.

    Now i ask the question, what does it mean to quote, "come here and do better"?

    Many immigrants work to make enough money to live and send back to help there family grow. Yet at the same time the jobs these people do are to benefit wealthy companies that exploit the poorest in our society and the enviroment. To make people with more money better phones, clothes, cars, perfume, tvs, holidays, houses, accessories. Needless ego driven commodoties that serve no purpose to the local community and actually destroy the moral fabric and physical enviroment of our world.

    This is where we as a species has got it wrong.

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