Joe Rogan Experience #1254 – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil McGraw is an author, psychologist, and the host of the television show “Dr. Phil.”

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  1. I hate to be honest but, I believe that anti depression medication is not a bad thing I have taken an ssir for about a year and without taking it off and on the weeks that I have been off I can notice a difference. I truly have a chemical unbalance and without a doubt when I take it I general notice a difference the mood I am in and my subconscious becomes more alive and I want to actually change for the better compared to when I'm off and just fuck around and do anything that feels right.

  2. Some people manage pain diff tylenol will not take pain away for me but problem with opioids is they feel so damn good I've never met anyone ever who went to hospital got on morphine and was upset and didn't like it its hard. It would be nice if we could take something to give us the same feeling without being addicted to. It and feeling like your gunna die without a dose

  3. I've been on pill form opioids since 2011 when I got diagnosed with MS and fabry disease . For 6 months in 2018 I was on 160 norco and 25mcg fentanyl patches ×10 . I've now switched drs and its Sept 2019 I'm prescribed 60 norco a month and maybe take 1 to 3 per month so having a doctor that cares and really wants your best interest at heart will make a difference. 1 year off fentanyl and no rehab no withdrawl and no issues so I'm thankful and grateful to my dr I have seen for a year now that stopped my dependance before I got full blown into a severe addiction.

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