Joe Rogan Experience #1308 – Eddie Bravo

Eddie Bravo is an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, former UFC analyst, and is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

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  1. I m not sure where eddy gets his info. The math says the dude is competely off about the distance u can see before the earth curves. He just sees a vid on youtube that some guy states shit and believes it verbatim. Does he actually do the math. Doubtful. The avg person just below 6ft tall can only see roughly 3 miles away. How far u can see depends on how high above sea level u are. The math shows a boat can see light house with 100 ft height at about 12 miles. No clue where dude is getting 100 miles from. But i m sure he will say the math is fake. Regardless I still love eddie. He s hilarious and cool.

  2. Joe why is everything eddie says joe says you dont know your not an expert etc etc but other people come on his show and are like here is this "theory" but I dont understand why people cant use common sense to see why this makes sense based on no proof just "it's logic" so when its Joe's agenda he doesnt need to be an expert but when its Eddie's opinion hes being foolish because he doesnt have a degree in what hes talking about

  3. Why do they have to take the curvature of the earth into consideration firing long range weapons in wars. If it was unnecessary why did they do that and why do they miss if they don't? Oh yeah, because the world is flat. Obviously.

  4. It looks fake because "The total thrust at launch is about 7.8 million pounds. To achieve orbit, the shuttle must accelerate from zero to a speed of almost 28,968 kilometers per hour (18,000 miles per hour), a speed nine times as fast as the average rifle bullet" Its fake ….Joe will come around

  5. Okay, now I'm confused,
    You've flown in a plane, you've seen the earth from above and you've seen how you can see more as you go up, and see less when you're on the surface. So doesn't that at least prove that more of the earth is in view from above than on the ground? If the earth was flat you'd be see the same amount of the surface no matter how high you are, you'd only see it look different based on what is blocking your view. even perspective doesn't curve, it only becomes smaller, unless every picture with perspective you're looking at is on the earth in which case every view would look curved… because the earth is curved.
    e.g: minecraft: in minecraft the world is flat and in it no matter how much you increase render distance you can still see the farthest thing and you could probably simulate this idea in a 3d animation or modelling program. Just place a camera at a height on a sphere and then place it at the same height on a flat plane. It will definitely look different.
    Ok, if the world is flat the only way I could concieve of it being that way considering that the surface loops around, would be if I looked far enough and there was nothing in my way I'd see the back of my head.
    ALright here's something even more solid:
    Search on Google Airplane view or something like that to get photos people have taken of the horizon. Better yet search instagram or maybe some collection of photos where you know for sure they are real photos.
    And see in how many there is even a tiny curve. Because really that's what is being said, the earth won't look very curved, only slightly, depending on how high up you were, on the ground the curve is hardly noticable, but even on the ground you can see it as a very slight curve, the higher up you get the more obvious the curve is. and when you're far enough away and you can see the entire earth in your view it looks like a circle.

    Ok here's a different argument:
    If every single planet and star and the sun and even the moon look round and have always been observed to be round, then what is even the probability that the earth alone isn't round? I mean all the other planets are round, the bigger something is the more round it is. Even if we can't assume to know the laws of physics, there is some reason for everything right? and it is true that whatever the laws are they make all the really really big things round, then how the heck is it even possible that Only the earth is the flat thing, considering there are no natural flat things on the scale of the earth that have ever been observed in the universe.

  6. Diseases already existed in South America even before Europeans arrived. Cities were devastated and abandoned because of plagues. Saying the indians didn't have immune system for small pox doesn't make sense because no one is immune to small pox. Viruses come from dense jungles.

  7. GAWDDAMNNT IT. How is Eddie gonna talk about there is no proof of something when he believes the flat Earth bullshit?
    Hey Eddie, while you are MK-Ultraed to think the moon ain't real you are missing the real conspiracy about the moon.
    Fucking Flat-Earthers think the word "Cruvature" makes them sound profound & intelligent. And perspective.
    Eddie …sorry dude… but you are a goddamned idiot if you have bought this Flat Earth Bullshit. You just don't understand.

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