Joe Rogan Experience #1245 – Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is an American entrepreneur, the founder of Venture for America, and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

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  1. I hit play on this with the kind of skepticism one has after repeatedly hearing the mindless, pandering spew from both sides of the aisle-and cynicism about the detrimental effects of giving away money. I, like Rogan, just did a complete 180 on my idea of basic income. I have never been truly motivated to get vocal about a candidate until now. Never. I would put a sticker on my car for Yang- and I have a favorite for his running mate.

    “The opposite of Trump is an Asian guy who likes math.”

    It’s far more – this is the opposite of every expectation I have of a politician. I’m jumping right on this bandwagon!

  2. 40:53 – Joe "But a thousand dollars a month isn't even enough money for most people to pay for their rent"
    I love you, have been a fan since News Radio. But. You might be lost in your own success to see reality. At least that how you sound.

    I've lived in LA, for 10 years as a fine artist. $1,000 goes a long way to help; if you remember back to when you were struggling (I only assume you struggled at some point as an artist) it would have for you too.

    I have to wonder, at the level of success you've achieved, deserved and all of that; you might have forgotten how significant that small amount of money is and the proper ways most people would choose to use it.

    Also, $1,000 isn't enough to pay rent. Alone. Or most significantly to what you're thinking, in LA.

    It's more than enough in Vegas, Baltimore, Miami; then start picking cities around this country you or I don't know all that well, and that it's way more than enough to pay rent.
    Vicksburg, Mississippi? Bend, Oregon? Deadwood, South Dakota? Cleveland, Ohio? Daytona, Florida?
    I really hope you get the point you made is only for people who want to live in LA, NY or places of that ilk. Retract that. You were broke once.

    $1,000 is not enough to pay rent where you live or would now want to live.
    It's more than adequate to pay rent in all kinds of places around this failing country; and most those people would in fact find it easier to make themselves better and the people around them better with that kind of financial relief.

    Have you forgotten that quickly?
    I'm actually surprised to see how detached you seem here. Maybe success really does put the blinders on? Don't know, but it looks that way.

    Just because someone else hasn't "made it" yet, don't begrudge them the cost of their rent or opportunity to use wisely $1,000 a month. This ain't the nineties, this shit is fucked. The "those that did make it pre and post 2008" shouldn't begrudge those that simply didn't. We were working as hard as you were.

    But congratulations, you do deserve it, other people do too.

    $1,000 is only not enough for your new neighborhood, Don't forget when that money used to matter.

    Also, I'm nobody, so that's ok. Just thought you should be reminded of when you were nobody and the different kinds of fans that were happy to see you get somewhere. Your comments were really disappointing to hear and you might have lost touch. But I'll continue watching you as I like you and I'm nobody as of yet.

    53:42 – That didn't come off as condescending either did it?
    I've watched you treat nut jobs and flakes, ticks, and leeches with more respect.
    I guess I'm left wondering, who is it you work for exactly?

    I guess I'm coming across as angry but legitimately finding myself surprised with the way you've questioned this guest. I mean, Alex Jones gets a pass on this show? I watched it, was fair. I don't know. It's probably me and I've missed and misinterpreted something, right?

  3. What happens to prices when people get a free $1000 dividend every month? Do prices increase? Like do landlords raise rents, and so forth, knowing that some people have more disposable income?

  4. I know who I'm voting for. Finally a candidate that can extrapolate on his views points from a place of being educated on them and not vaguely pandering to people by grazing "talking points." He seems like a new breed of politician. I appreciate his transparency and he seems genuinely trust worthy.

  5. As much as I love Bernie,Warren and Tulsi….we need an honest conversation here. Our goal is to defeat Trump, right? We have so many great candidates however look at the facts and the truth. Many Trump supporters admitted they will be voting for Yang. You have many people from different parties who want to vote for Yang. You got people from Malaysia, Europe, Netherlands, Australia, Africa, Canada, & Indonesia who have asked where to donate for Yang. "If you guys fail to elect him, LET US HAVE HIM," said the many others living in different countries. And this is not a false statement. People literally wrote and said that. So think about that please. Of course dont vote for Yang just because of these things I said but please do research about him and his policies. I promise you will not be disappointed. I am speaking as someone who went from a hardcore Bernie to undecided to Warren then Tulsi and now Yang gang. There is a reason why the media blacked out Yang. #ISupportYang #YangGang #Yang2020 #YangMediaBlackout

  6. When everyone is so unnatural in our concerns, our daily life of clicking and sending drones and stupid social media snapshots of each moment, something has to be done. We need to turn back the clock and fall in love with one another again, center our creative endeavors around human life. Life is bigger than what a screen, it holds more than our phone's GB. Let's invest in each other

  7. what if america goes into recession & government says they can't pay everyone because of less tax collected, where will that leave a man who hasn't worked in quite a while.

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