Joe Rogan Experience #1302 – Ed Calderon

Ed Calderon is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. Follow him online @EdsManifesto

46 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1302 – Ed Calderon

  1. Joe, we want more of this stuff. Real life affecting a lot of people. Hold up with the celebrities especially the comedians. They all say the same thing anyway. Bring this guy back!

  2. I went to mexico for 3 month, we all saw and heard a lot of death. It was an insane experience seeing people hung up in pieces on bridges and cars shot up right outside the house.

  3. That video Ed is talking about; the military helicopter shooting at the Cartel was on Facebook a couple months ago.

    It looked surreal, as I was watching 'Sicario' when the girl is looking across the Mexico border and see helicopter shooting, explosions, looked all like fireworks.

  4. I have some family members that have gone missing and have been missing for 6 years. Everything he says is one hundred percent true. I pray for Mexico every day. Most of the people there are innocent but are terrorized by the cartels. There is almost no hope for my missing family members. Chances are they were tortured and dismembered. Mexico will continue to be in my prayers.

  5. Just seen Ed in Tijuana yesterday walking around. I took a few friends down for food and drinks. They didnt know who he was. Had to direct them to this episode! Very humble guy!! Need part 2 of this!

  6. If I was the Mexican president, I would let the cartels operate freely with the asterisk of no violence. Go ahead and sell the drugs and smuggle the people, but the violence and shake downs of hard working folks would be met 4 fold with the military. Its all about the carrot and the stick… And identifying the true goals.

  7. There is too much money involved with the cartel and all of their business ventures. It is in no governments best interest for these cartels to dissolve and simply cease to exist. Because of this, they will always be.

  8. The people up top in USA also are in the occult mass murder and raping childing just like at Jeffrey Epstein you all know the rich powerful men in this country pay thousands to fuck little underage girls behind closed doors

  9. During Fast and Furious Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents. It was the first time Congress did something like that against a sitting Cabinet official. A liberal judge later dismissed the charge. To this day Eric Holder keeps the contempt notice framed in his office.

  10. I have a realitve who works in the FBI in counter narcotics task force. According to him more than not the military is dirty and working with / and for the cartels. They will not work with anyone except the Mexican Marines on anything anti cartel because of the deceit and backstabbing

  11. I was totally one of those “weed dorks” or “weed nerd” back in like 1999 – 2002. Buying High Times magazine, I had a crazy glass collection, and was just an all around weed snob. If your weed didn’t meet my standards I would totally talk shit. Just too stoned to realize I was a dick.

  12. Is he talking about black tar heroin? You can’t get that in the Midwest and east coast. It’s all powder, salt heroin. So that doesn’t come from Mexico? Interesting, it must come from Afghanistan, and South Asia. That war on terror dope.

  13. I like that Ed just argued "its not illegal cause of what it is just the problems around it" oh you mean the problems from it being illegal and there being useful idiots like you

  14. Oye tu hdtpm Ed Calderon!!! De tu propia boca salio q tu padre Felipe Borolas* Calderon.. bueno tu eres su Bastardo!! .. Empezo todo este desmadre q esta en Mexico!! Y tan pronto viste q no era juego ya te querias sslir….tan culo eres q no pudiste hacer el trabajo q tu padre ..bueno eres pudiste hacer el trabajo q segun tu!! Muy bravo ese pendejo empezo!! Y te volviste a usa corriendo como nina….Pero lo q mas me csga!! No es q critiques a Nuestro Presidente Amlo!!! Lo q me indigna q eres un puto resentido, culero, malinchista q nomas como tus palabras lo dicen..te metiste al army Mexicano xq eras un fracaso y aqui te dieron la oprtunidad..pero pa q sepas,, Nuestro Presidente Amlo no anda apoyando ninguna dictadura !! El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz".. bueno entiendo q a no sabes de nsda de Historia Mexicana..Entonces no Andes abriendo la boca como sea..ahora nomas andas buscando fama xq Joe Rogan es una buena plataforma …si tanto te molesta amlo!! Xq no regresas y haces una revolucion y aver quien te sigue…puto culero!!

  15. Foro de São Paulo would blown Joe's mind for good. A group of world leaders with the goal to finance cartels to weak governments and promote revolutions to make one great socialist nation over americas.

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