Joe Rogan Experience #1239 – Travis Barker

Travis Barker is a musician, songwriter, and record producer, best known as the drummer for the rock band Blink-182.

34 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1239 – Travis Barker

  1. So just bc he lives purely now bc he did a bunch of terrible shit to his body makes people think he's pure now! He doesnt have a choice bc of how bad he treated his body. I have nothing against people doing drugs,smoking, or doing whatever but please dont act like he is doing this by choice. He did it for necessity. Hes not some pure human. Just another regular guy which I can respect

  2. White house .. TTSA , US Army … yep dont judge a book by it's cover. And the question of how one could leave his super successful band like that, is really easy when you find out that everything you know and think turns out to be completely irrelevant.

  3. not at all like what I thought, he is such a humble, gentle guy, wow. never would've thought that he's vegan/veggie, a father , plane* crash, burn victim, doesn't do any drugs, works in rap too – such a chill guy, great podcast. love how JR is such a good interviewer, asks good question. travis seems like he'd normally be quiet

  4. Well…that explains my lazy ass…Metformin. I take 1500 mg daily. That means I need the Tesla you have Joe, then I can just chill in the traffic or blow everyone out of my way! Great pod with Travis.

  5. Joe, please do more research on what a "Pit Bull" is and stop perpetuating the misinformation of the breed. Those dogs you showed were not Pit Bulls. They were most likely American Bullies or American Bull Dogs. Not trying to be a dick, just trying to help educate. Love your show!

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