Joe Rogan Experience #1346 – Zuby

Zuby is an independent rapper, creative entrepreneur, speaker and podcast host. Check out his podcast called “Real Talk with Zuby” available on Apple Podcasts.

30 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1346 – Zuby

  1. Good point about the horribly low level of true communication not only on Twitter, but in any text only communication. It’s too limited…missing the auditory, the nuances of gesture, phrasing etc. That’s why I hate texting.

  2. Wtf!? This dude came up to me in Southampton, UK….

    Like if Zuby has walked up to you in a city centre with some headphones on with a handful of CD's and got you to listen or buy some purple Zuby merch.

    He gets about doesnt he. I wonder if people pay to get on the JRE…

  3. "Let's let 'transgender women' compete against 'transgender women,' let's not deny science and biology just to make people feel better." He said while referring to biological men as women to make people feel better by indulging and enabling their mental illness. Solid logic there Joey.

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