Joe Rogan Experience #1286 – Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik is a comedian, writer, actor, and producer. His new special “Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward” will be available streaming on Netflix on April 30.

40 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1286 – Anthony Jeselnik

  1. Jeez, Joe. Shut up. Ask questions. How many of these podcasts have we heard about Fear Factor? The Man Show? Chimps? Your views on what comedy is? You've done over a thousand of these shows, you would have thought you'd have figured out how to keep quiet. Try doing one ot these podcasts without saying 'I'.

  2. You can tell Joe has never had a 10 year long relationship that ended with his cheating on him with over 20 people for the last 2 years while he paid for everything and she didn't work because she claimed she had depression and couldn't work. Joe has obviously never had anyone strip their entire life away. I personally lost my home, my dog, my cat and she sued me afterwards after forcing me to sell the house for damn near nothing. Once you have that happen to you, it's easy to be an evil prick

  3. If you ever want a career in Hollywood, You BETTER BE LEFT LEANING.
    Outside of that, there are only a few openly republican comics. Nick DiPaolo being one of them because he doesn't give a fuck about Hollywood.
    The others are closet republicans because they've seen that even if you say something leftist might not be the best course of action. Cancel culture will destroy you.
    Like when Mario Lopez had to apologize for saying that maybe hormone blockers shouldn't be given to very young children.

    The truth is the left is scared to death of celebrities who disagree with them because they know the pull it could have.
    So it's just simply better to avoid the topic. Dave Chappelle isn't even a right-wing comic but he has enough money to occasionally disagree and point out things are out of control.
    If you follow Joe Rogan, you know he's more down the middle but everywhere else paints him as right-winged.

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