Joe Rogan Experience #1338 – Roy Wood Jr

Roy Wood Jr. is a comedian, writer, and actor. He has served as a correspondent for The Daily Show on Comedy Central since 2015.

49 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1338 – Roy Wood Jr

  1. During the homelessness issue talk Roy brought up a great point about the reasons as to why the opressed are not helped. He is 100% correct. Joe attributes altruistic intentions to people far too often. Especially people in power. Establishment dems and Repubs alike don't want the downtrodden to ever have power because then some shit would actually change.

  2. The people in India are smart. They feed the rats so much food that they keep coming back. It becomes a primary food source. Then you can control their diet. No disease. No threat. That's how they can coexist so domestically.

  3. Guys, I know most people probably consume this through their podcast app w/out video, but can you PLEASE start consistently showing us the shit that Jamie looks up online??? It drives me crazy when I can't see what you guys are looking at. Thanks!

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