Joe Rogan Experience #1029 – Tom DeLonge

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39 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1029 – Tom DeLonge

  1. Full credit to joe rogan for even having the patience to listen to this douchebag dribble nonsense for over an hour, i would of ended the podcast 5 min in an threw his ass out, tom been watching to many men in black movies while on dmt.

  2. For anyone that knows the history of UFO's, Tom's group succeeded in getting the public to give a big shoulder shrug rather than belly laugh at the phenomenon. Anything else was already speculated on but the major media never took it seriously.

  3. What a fucking nugget that coldfireice guy. Serious you can't be that stupid that you are making this trumpet that's on the Jre look smart and he's made himself look like a straight up fool. So guess how you come across With that bullshit. If you stand on the beach and look out to sea you can't see a flat earth because you can only see about 17 to 20 mile's before the curvature of the earth take's over. Use some sense and don't listen to any and all conspiracy theory's and think it's all true. Some have been proved right but come on you can't believe we live in a flat dome. If you really do then get back on your medication and use your brain for yourself.

  4. Wonderful story telling, loved the fake secret video and the profanity. This guy needs to hang with Dr Greer and Richard Hoagland, they could have a great time seeing who can outbullshit who.

  5. What a farce. This guy is so smart in figuring out EVERYTHING that us mere morons can't.
    In fact he's not unlike being described as having the intelligence of a rat turd………sharp on both ends.
    Tom "RAT TURD " DE-LONG.💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  6. Very intruiging but he said they are here for extraction. Im not saying hes lying but what could they possibly want to extract if they are so advanced they need to come here specifically? If they can align atoms in metal like he says why would they need earth? Thats the part i dont buy. If they can go anywheeeere and do anyyything than Earth is nothing to them. We have a tiny tiny tiny planet and there isnt anything they need here. The only reason would be something we dont understand, like an ant trying to understand humans and everything we do.

  7. I have been saying this for years the governments are working together we ether have a threat of our world or need to leave it. Google just released a quantum computer space x working with NASA… NASA working with google with the quantum computer wanting to go to other planets etc jeff bezos..elon musk smartest people working with NASA all at the same time make sense? The computer wasnt supposed to be possible for 100 years or more if this doesent scare people or make sense good luck we are all screwed anyway they will take the top engineers, doctors, farmers, scientists etc not normal people. The next 20 years is gonna be crazy that computer figured something out otherwise these people working together makes no sense otherwise theres no money in that.. A computer that knows everything should scare people…once we find out who made us who god is what our true purpouse is what will we do most wont believe others will have a new religion we all should be working on declassification of these documents we need the truth… Same with us taking germans into nasa makes no sense they were 100s of years more advanced they had space crafts and space force have been happening for years.

  8. Joe isn't interviewing tom hes like trying to discredit him in anyway possible or something its weird idk what his deal is but its super annoying. Like just let him talk without constantly talking shit

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