Joe Rogan Experience #1250 – Johann Hari

Johann Hari is a writer and journalist. His new book “Lost Connections” is available now.

37 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1250 – Johann Hari

  1. About half way through Joe starts to get annoyed with this guest…annoying to me was the speaker saying "Us" including himself as an American while thickening his English accent to try and validate his points with Joe…nonetheless- the speaker has some interesting points but also ends up displaying why we should not let this guy in=most of our problems would be solved by dismantling corporations and establishing anarcho-syndicalism….

  2. The guest speaker has some valid points other than the fact that in American jails and prisons- the hole is a behavioral deterant… Has nothing to do with drug treatment or prevention. We are not a polite people…you cant walk up to an O G in prison and tell them they are being incredibly rude!!

  3. Can anyone recommend anymore JRE content that's similar to this? Sort of more on drugs and addiction, the subject has always fascinated me and is close to home..
    I really enjoyed listening to this guy, I'm actually re considering buying his books 👍

  4. I love this guy and his perspective on the drug war. It's so easy to point the finger at Mexico and the corruption but no one stops to think about how the US drug war created the prison industrial complex and has given rise to the drug cartels… the list goes on.

  5. Johann Hari: "Depression might be linked to bad life circumstances".
    Joe Rogan, multi-millionaire making a living off a podcast: Surprised pikachu face "Why are people feeling depressed?

  6. This guy is tweaking, "right?"
    I'm not complaining about it, just saying.
    He talks a million miles a second while gesturing wildly, sipping water like he's running a marathon.
    He had my attention the whole show, though!

  7. I bet 100% of ppl know this will never happen here because obvious private prison/city quotas to arrest the people who were taxed not only to build these garbage buildings but then also keep them housed which ofcourse is more tax for us. Its like Hiring a Bully just to be a dick to You but we give them the decision to decide if they wanna keep their job which supplies their JOB. Funny to know i was born in Zurich only for my pops to listen to his dumb fucking brothers about moving to the American Dream only to watch his kids die multiple times, nurse a DOPE/CRACK addicted baby( part family part drug dealer) you will never experience i would imagine besides war death screams of being sleepless for months on end from a beautiful baby carrying the burden of a nations greed ingrained in her bones. Ive heard peoples last breaths from OD's to Violent Assaults(Shot) and nothing compares to that sound of that cry for help for hours and hours on end. U-S-A all the way i believe that line went in kickboxer. We do nothing at normal level here in America. Well…only if your privileged i guess.

  8. The day after Marisela was murdered, her husbands lumber yard was burned to the ground. The next day his brother was murdered too. Probably the only reason her two kids are alive is because they are in jail in the USA. That’s not a guarantee…

  9. This is very good. Often times addicts have a history of anxiety and usage is a means to escape the anxiety. Jung actually wrote that anxiety could be a signaling system that something is not as it should be in one's life. This ties into one's various needs whether social, emotional, sexual, etc. Some of these ideas have been around for a while but unfortunately this doesn't mean they are widely adopted and understood.

  10. spoken like someone who has never been addicted. bad life equals addiction. what about a great life of abundance and just wanting to have fun and feel euphoric until it turns into fighting off the sick.

  11. Well lots of people have $hitty lives but not that many of them get hooked on drugs. I think we all have that voice in our heads that quietly warns us to not drink that 3rd beer, don't steel, your driving too fast, don't sleep with her its wrong… people just choose to ignore that voice. They don't choose goals or value self control. You have to choose to do right and some people just choose to do wrong.

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