Joe Rogan Experience #1262 – Pat McNamara

Pat McNamara spent 22 years in the United States Army in many special operations units. He is currently training people in tactical marksmanship and combat strength.

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  1. This is so true!
    I was in my best shape between the ages of 10 to 18. Between that time I was 7 years Olympic freestyle wrestling and 2 years football. Infact at the age of 12 with how big I was I was wrestling 18,19,20 year all.
    But with all the bumps and bruises I really jacked up my size. 47 and was 400lbs.
    How ever in my last 3 years I had really started to get deep down to fight depression. Then I started to watch you I have dropped 70lbs so far. Thank you

  2. The fact that this dude has only been in his current form within the last 6-7 years gives me hope. I, myself, am trying to turn myself around after years of being mediocre. I'm seeing progress, and he's only encouraging me to continue. I WILL get to where I want to be

  3. I retired in 2014… that's how I felt too. I found my niche in 2016. I also found all my trials and tribulations through my life over my years I found I can reapply and use it to help others. But restarting at 38 is not easy. At 42 I have reacquired purpose.

  4. Used to do the same thing. 3 eggs and a few strips of bacon every morning. Get some shit done, workout and hit the day. Hate being full. Snack a lot, with light meals. Eat till Ive had enough and not bogged down.

  5. Rogan – Your wrong about DDD Degen disc disease – talk to a neurosurgeon. Bro science is just that. Discs desiccate over time for many reasons. Studies have proven over several decades how ddd effects the spine.

  6. I grew up on Kodiak Island Alaska and threw rocks at Kodiak brown bears in the river catching salmon,today if I see a bear I get the hell out of there lol,funny how a kid dosent sense the danger.

  7. Frickin awsome interview. I seen Pat Mac for the first time a few months ago on youtube. Down to earth and humble. I'm 49 and just got back into the gym a year and half ago. When you guys talked about the time in your life to make a change. For me I called it the "dare to be great moment" I said it for years. It took me becoming a grandfather for the first time and not wanting her first image of me was a fat bastard. That's all it took. You both are an insperation to my daily exsistance. Thank you. I want give a big shout out to my Interactive Gunfighting LLC mentor mr GREGORY CRUZ GRUTTER. Thank you.

  8. Why does it seem that every military guy rips on conventional workouts like this guy said that other than medical reasons if you do a curl you don’t know what you’re doing genuinely confused about that lol

  9. I'm almost 40, I work hard every day at my job and as a husband & father. However, I have given in to the lie that due to lifelong health issues and age ,that I can never be in good shape again and I had accepted that, (excuses). Thanks to the support of family & the positive ppl I've surrounded myself with recently I've chosen not to believe that lie anymore. Tired of being sick& tired. I quit smoking and I'm back in the gym. All that being said, pat is a great example of what a person can do when you put your mind to it, put in the hard work and not quitting no matter what. True inspiration!

    Hey pat- I've seen all your vids…I think. Could you do one on how you warm up, stretching etc.

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