Joe Rogan Experience #1189 – Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold is a big wall free solo climber. A documentary feature film titled “Free Solo” captures his record setting ascent of El Capitan, and it can be seen now in movie theaters all over.

35 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1189 – Alex Honnold

  1. What sport achievement can top his climb of El Cap?
    I think the only thing that could top his climb would be to climb mount Everest nude and solo no ropes etc and take a selfie from the highest point.

  2. Joe comes across not prepared in this podcast, but not too many people in this world know jackshit about free solo anyway. Atleast his podcast gives his audience more info about Alex and his achievements.

  3. I hated watching free solos before, because i thought they were stupid enough to throw away their lives. But after watching Free Solo by Alex now, j have stopped judging these guys. This has to be the most amazing feat ever by a human. Cheers!!!

  4. Aside from his climb of the captain, which is the bravest thing a human has ever done, Alex is a lovely, caring, intelligent, witty, human being, but a cut above the rest

  5. Cross training is good for fitness but not for specific sports. They began studying that with cyclists in the late ‘70s early ‘80s and found year round training was more effective than off season cross training.

  6. It’s important that he states “…that’s at the end of a very long path…” because many don’t realize how intensely dedicated he was, and still is, to climbing. He lived in a van, off of very little, like a hermit, to experience one thing, climbing. Few have that kind of passion or desire.

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