Joe Rogan Experience #1230 – Killer Mike

Killer Mike is a rapper, actor, and activist. He is one half of the group Run The Jewels and has a new show on Netflix called “Trigger Warning” available now.

29 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1230 – Killer Mike

  1. Shout out to joe for throwin’ a shout out. Absolutely the best fukn conversation I’ve ever witnessed without being a part of it. Shout out to killer mike for showing love to his peeps. Shout out to Ronald Reagan for having the foresight that’d inspire killer mike. Shout out to the those two lil Asian dudes with the dope ass primitive innovation. Shout out to ancestral knowledge , learn some shit and tap into what your dna has already programmed you with. And for the love of self, regardless of what it is collect data and be you yourself informed about how you feel about something, then you can be honest about it. SHOUT THE FUK OUT TO RTJ!! The bangin’ist beats with the rawest fukn lyricism that forces your mind earn your listening experience!!!

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