Joe Rogan Experience #1178 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at

36 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1178 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

  1. I the same video he said that he eats more vegetables than meat, and than he said he eat a ton of meat because he is a hunter and he have a lot of it. Also when he was talking with Jordan Peterson, he said that he will mabye try this carnivore diet, and now when he is talking with her he said that this diet is insane and stupid. So Joe is actually really really hipocritycal.

  2. I met Keenan Jackson, he is kind and generous. The woman I would like to have a relationship with is probably abstaining from technology as a casual and tasteful way to honor the Native Americans and tribes of North America. I wish you the very best and you are an inspiration to me and my perception of reality, Dr. Patrick.

  3. Carnivores are not pushing the #carnivorediet for everybody. Only people who are suffering from auto immune related issues. If your diet isn’t adversely affecting your health there is NO need to go carnivore. Most carnivore diet proponents are very rational about why they choose this diet. If it didn’t work people suffering for auto immune problems would bother doing it. Unlike veganism we don’t promote carnivore for any other reason other than individual health requirements. Once it stops working or it is no longer necessary then we will add specific vegetables back into the diet. It’s not a religion to us, some people get excited about finding THE answer when every ‘expert’ says we are wrong. All humans are NOT equal, we are different, with different genetics from different regions and climates and require a different diet.

  4. (20:45) Rhonda: Humans with MS were treated with Minocycline which attenuated symptoms and showed improvements… Probably because you're wiping out the microbiome? What? Minocycline decreases microglial activation… You shouldn't confuse the inherent mechanism of Minocycline with its many other off-target mechanisms relating to inflammation and leave the neuroscience to actual neuroscientists.

  5. So Dr. Patrick looks nothing and exactly like what I thought she would. You know what I mean, how a persons voice and the way they talk you start to get an image of them, but actually it all makes sense.

  6. Hey Joe! In Mongolia for thousands of years nomads ate only meat and dairy. Summer almost all dairy and they I don’t know if that counts as carnivore diet. Due to harsh weather agriculture was not a choice. Mongolians use to live long healthy life’s. Unfortunately nowadays people eat too much meat and processed carbs. City people are pretty unhealthy now. Nomads are still eat that diet plus flour! So it’s mixed when it comes to health in nomads! Personally I like Paleo!

  7. She seems super clever but she totally sounds like a nerd … 5 mol of beta hydroxyde busterate hmmm ester will completely f-up your DBH alpha level, right ? oh you bet! 😂🤣

  8. Hey Joe! I recently discovered all your interviews with the good Dr.Rhonda Patrick. Could you please consider doing a video where you go over all the health related things such as nutrition, stretching, breathing exercises etc etc, that you've learned and implemented over the years.
    I'd love to hear what has stood out to you and why. Thanks so much, keep up the great work!

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