Joe Rogan Experience #1236 – Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is a computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who is co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and founder and CEO of Square, a mobile payments company.

48 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1236 – Jack Dorsey

  1. Twitter is a forum for bullies check out #reportbullies the account itself is bullying, has been reported several if not dozens of times for violations of their own terms of use policy and yet they will not remove the account. Twitter is a biased platform and a dishonest one. They're also guilty of shadowbanning accounts that go against other accounts they support.

  2. 5:30 NO!!! We should NOT see how our leaders think. That is quite literally the destruction of any functionality in proportional representation. It opens the way to hegemony and despotism. Any reasonable sociologist or political scientist will tell you that

  3. This guy is the antithesis of open public conversation. I thank god that at least zuckerburg is ahead of this guy. You cant say anything with the least bit of vitriol on that website without someone being enraged. Its a bunch of cupcake eating twats on twitter

  4. I don’t know why this receives so much hate. I found this show equally as valuable because we know the types of things that Twitter does. It’s not like we needed him to tell us the fucked up shit they do against free speech. I am just as interested to hear what kind of bullshit he can spew that goes directly against everything he says.

  5. You only allow Isis handles on twitter! It is the Islamic invasion of Twitter basically they can lie as much as they want they can slag off other religions as much as they want but you only protect one because they are paying

  6. Jack Dorsey is a sadistic human being who thinks he is the leader of the whole wild world! Allows terrorists to be on the platform and far left extremist to post anything they want a bunch of lies but continues to delete post that he doesn’t like or the ideology that is controlling him doesn’t like! There is nothing fair about Twitter!

  7. Yes the CIA found twitter like they found FB to mingle into to connect people to build database on everyone on them platforms they know more about you then you know about yourself

  8. I totally don't understand why Joe got so much hate for this podcast interview. I think this podcast & conversation was great!! Joe asked really good questions & I don't think he was out of line or any of what/how the comments are displaying Joe. Calm down people!! Holy hell!! 🙄🙄😪🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Just watching this now Joe, i think Jack seems a cool guy who deosnt drive an agenda…

    I think people like Tim (i watched the 2nd one first) have a problem with journalists, not social media…do the far left on twitter make people angry? Sure thing but they dont do hate crimes!…hate crimes are wrong and twitter wont tolerate it, I'm starting to see the light ✌

    I wondered why i got banned for a joke, but it was a bad joke and inciting violence towards brexit remain voters in a way…my bad, we are all living and learning hey Jack…i dont want to hurt or hate anyone its just some people can make you so angry when you feel they are trying all they can to thwart democracy ✌

  10. First impression, I'm getting honest vibes from Jack in this (or at least good intentions), so maybe there are things going on behind his back. Twitter assigns interests to you, which you can view. You won't even know what some of them are, and if you uncheck them, you'll find them checked on again later against your wishes. They said I was supposedly interested in "The Five", I had to look that up and found it repulsive. It's so their algorithms can shadow ban you based on Twitter's prejudiced categorization flags of who you supposedly are, surely. Based on nothing but their personal hatreds, I would argue, and what they really hate most is sound logic. What I hate most is dishonesty. Well, cheating is high on the list also. Twitter invests their faith too much in dishonesty and cheating.

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