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The Making of a Boogaloo Boi

Five months back, Mike Dunn was arranging versus gun regulate. Now, he is donned a Hawaiian shirt and is a increasing star in an …

48 thoughts on “The Making of a Boogaloo Boi

  1. As someone with libertarian beliefs im not mad at this. But as theyre not unified i wonder what they view as government over reach and if it aligns with my views

  2. what a gigantic bunch of tools
    this is the definition of stand for nothing and fall for anything.
    .people making 30k desperate to be apart of something…..
    wish they would step to a real man and see how quick.they change their mind

  3. Tyranny is when the government lets businesses block you from getting a haircut because you refuse to wear a mask on private property. Freedom is when the country has a massive, militarized police force to keep the "urban" population intimidated and concentration camps set up to stop dangerous skin colors from fleeing into our country after we finish destroying theirs at the behest of our business interests.

  4. I wonder how someone who says "this gun is the only thing protecting your right to vote" feels about all the new anti-voting legislation going on without any guns necessary. Or for that matter, without any guns trying to stop it?

  5. i just dont get it! the government has done nothing wrong and have risked a-lot of good lives on the many movements going like racism or LGBTQ rights, they have sacrifice alot to help these groups and for the boogaloo boys to come and say "Hey your doing this wrong we want more rights" is very terrible and to think their leader is some 19 year old kid who thinks he can gain power.

  6. People that don't support the Constitution should leave this country, All true Americans should be willing to fight and die to protect the Constitution. We The People allow a government never is the government above the people.

  7. Many people say they are anarchists. As an anarchist myself, they're not. They're anti-government but not anarchists. They are primarly anarcho-capitalists and minarchists, which we (left-wing anarchism) do not consider as anarchism.

  8. This is just another form of recruitment tool you are presently viewing, beware, everyone wants to belong, It's an innate response to feeling alienated, ostracized or simply alone.

  9. A cool and historically original concept of independence, constitutionally. Nothing radical or even remotely new about this one. Good to see some Citizens picking up the old traditions of the American spirit. Cherish times of peace and speak out to defend such times.

  10. What’s so hypocritical and ironic about these guys is that they literally tried and are trying to overthrow the US Constitution. For example, these guys were instrumental on January 6th when Trump committed sedition when he asked his cultists to commit insurrection. Trump asked people like the BBs to overthrow the US Constitution why attempting to throw out a free and fair election. These guys are clearly the bad guys and when the bad guys say that they are trying to overthrow the US Constitution because they want to support the US Constitution, then you start to realize that these members are either insane or just very poorly educated. Not surprised as poorly educated people are more likely to be conservative as we’ve seen in numerous studies. I just wish that I would see more militia trying to uphold and protect the Constitution instead of trying to overthrow it while they preach about protecting it. This doesn’t even cover the issue of needing more common sense gun regulations. I’m a proud gun owner and have been my entire life. I’m a moderate, a skeptic, an atheist, and overall I’m a patriot. I believe I have the right to own a firearm but I also understand that America obviously needs to enact legislation for more comprehensive gun control such as more extensive background checks, psychological checks, mandatory training, gun license and registration, and possibly even liability insurance. I’m willing to jump through hoops to keep my community and country safe. This would allow me to keep a firearm and would help prevent, solve, etc gun crimes in the US. Conservatives religious terrorists are committing a lot of firearm crimes right not in the U.S.

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