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Experts Tell Us What We Do and Don't Know About COVID-19

It really is been almost 8 months because the initial coronavirus situation was noted in the U.S. VICE Information talked with some industry experts about …

39 thoughts on “Experts Tell Us What We Do and Don't Know About COVID-19

  1. It's been almost 8 months since the first coronavirus case was reported in the U.S. VICE News talked with some experts about what we've learned about the virus, and what we still don't understand at all.
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  2. I’m an ER nurse and have reservations about taking the vaccine first time around, I have a professional level of PPE knowledge and use. I’ll stay with that until there’s enough people with the vaccine before I get it

  3. How come none of these people were in their truck 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 using a cellphone to make their statement? No sunglasses or camo hats? Really Vice? How can we know that we can trust what these people say 🤔

  4. I'll just pull .6% out of my ass. If there are so many (like myself and everyone I know) hasn't been tested, I'd safely say it is .06%. Way lower than influenza.

    When you just arbitrarily pick a number, you are automatically less trustworthy.

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  6. I just bristle, when people refer to this as a pandemic… 100s of millions of people would be dead / dying in a real pandemic
    COVID 1984 is a farce… a complete hoax. There is a difference between a person dying from CV (as an actual cause)
    and a person reported of dying (tested [false] positive) with CV. I struggle with the skewing of reality…
    I struggled watching the entire video. No mask, NO test and NO VACCINES!

    As a [flu] vaccine injured person – I will ..never.. submit to any future vaccines (they do not work)

  7. Am I the only one who thinks Dr. Caitlin looks like Mark Zuckerberg? I think the pandemic is making me see things 😂
    By the way, a great and informative video. Vice never fails too keep up to information and expectations.

  8. So Vaccines normally take 10-15 years Ebola Vaccine took 5 years Regardless if more people die from heart disease each year and only .6% of the population may die. We will all have to have a rushed vaccine pushed into our arms every 12 months forever and it still wont guarantee that this will go away.

    lol this isn't news its an advertisement everything I just heard I already heard from random people in lab coats on CNN and FOX news. Its like everyone reading from the same fking book.

  9. Vaccines came from ancient African scientists and moved north as the African people’s explored the world WELL BEFORE Europeans decided that it was not an attempt to kill them but rather heal their body

  10. “It tricks the body to think it’s infected” lol the subject literally contracted the virus through the needle.. Vaccines are incredible technologies, but the fact is it is a technology and responses are not always the same..

  11. Did any of them tell you that they own stakes in Vaccine stock these people are supposed to “experts” HA they can take the masks and vaccines and shove them up their… wel I think you know where I’m going with this. The “virus” is smaller than you mask can filter idiots!!!

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