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This Georgia County's First Black Sheriff Is Trying to Fix the System

Cobb County, at the time mere miles from the KKK’s nationwide headquarters elected its very first black sheriff this previous November. We observe …

35 thoughts on “This Georgia County's First Black Sheriff Is Trying to Fix the System

  1. vice news makes it seem as if racism is a big deal in Cobb. idc what race you are Cobb county Police will lock you up for bullshit whether your white black green purple, polka dot or whatever. has nothing to do with race.

  2. Isolation tanks or SHU is torture, period. The man never should have been in jail for a minor drug charge anyway. America claims to be the "freest country" yet we have more people in prison than any other country in history by far and will lock people up for smoking a joint, deny them bail, and throw them in an isolation tank to die alone. Land of the free my ass.

  3. How can a crooked system be changed regardless of the color of the person?!? System is broken! Start at the very bottom and go up. But hey this is America that will never happen.

  4. I hate when blacks get into position and say " the idea of a black person being in this position was foreign years ago" like that means anything. The system is doing what it was built to do and if that's your thought process I can't see anything truly getting better.

  5. I grew up here and this is fucked up. The worst part is your peers being prejudiced because that's what they hear at home. But there were a lot of people of all races moving in there, slowly it will get better and better if people follow in this man's example of community and respect

  6. The world in this century will open it's eyes against barbaric rules of old ages as change is inevitable "As time goes by, no human ideal standeth sure". Anton Lavey quote

  7. I was really pulled in by the new sheriffs story.
    Until……that absolute lie or ignorance he claimed by not knowing anything going on in the CCJ until he ran for sheriff.

  8. The way that poor man was treated was like something out of Saudi Arabia. How dare they make him lie naked on the floor! Absolutely dehumanizing. Why is America actually a 3rd world country in disguise

  9. I live in Cobb County. I supported another candidate in the primary but when Owens won I supported him. And I’m thrilled he’s my Sheriff.

    His predecessor Neil “Good Ol Boy” Warren was in office for over 14 years. He wasn’t jailer certified and had never worked in the jail. Warren wanted to be Georgia’s version of Joe Arpaio.

    A lot of people need fired! Especially those who had a part in the deaths of 51 inmates. And some people need to face charges!

  10. Cobb is literally 51% white and dropping quickly!! Black Americans make up 32% & growing along with Asian / latinX!! Due to changing demographics & white population decreasing rapidly 🙌🏿🇺🇸🖤⚫️, black Americans now control majority of the county seats , sheriff office , judges etc! No different with Gwinnett, rockdale, Dekalb & Henry counties !! I’m not surprised because the south has been historically black since 1619!!

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