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Photographing the War on ISIS | Developing News

Felipe Dana has documented some of the world’s most hostile environments from gang-occupied favelas in his indigenous Rio de …

38 thoughts on “Photographing the War on ISIS | Developing News

  1. Just promise ISIS soliders that they would rather be executed via flamethrower then deal with what we will give them while they are alive.

  2. Any kid who sees this just know these videos are fake and these aren't real ISIS members
    There just goofs tryna steer kids down the wrong direction

  3. Attention photoshop-ers! You… can change our world. Take the image from 4:52, put a blue eyed, blond kid on the bicycle, and make it evident an iconic American city has been reduced to ruins from the evidence you've seen her. You know, it looked like a city falling off a cliff?

  4. LOL Currently we , America, may not have leadership that will do what must be done BUT SOON things will change or should I say go back as they were. America AND Americans WILL BE BACK ! WE WILL HOLD PEOPLE AND COUNTRIES ACCOUNTABLE !! America financially supports over 100 countries, that is compassion, BUT DON'T GET THINGS TWISTED,THE SAME HAND THAT WRITES THOSE CHECKS, CAN SIGNAL
    A HELL TO RAIN DOWN ON YOU WITH SUCH MIGHT THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN ! America is a exceptional ally AND America can be an enemy in which your eyes have never seen !!

  5. why the photographer never mentioned the massacre was accomplished on the civilians running away from Baghuz ? Ah, or maybe you intended to mentioned that woman in that way to indirectly cover up the thousands of unarmed civilians running for their lives severed to shreds in the opened desert by Coalition Gunships and aircrafts? This is why you chose words.. a hopeless attempt to hide the truth. Showing the victim as a murderer. PS. Anyone complains or disagree remember that the West (formally called the colonizers) always claims that they are not like the terrorists because they don't target unarmed civilians.

  6. It was a great achievement of the coalition against ISIS, to be honest. Just remember to see the pictures of the city before the coalition bomb-dropping on the city, then you will know who is the real terrorist (targeting civilians).

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