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The Woman Who Wants to End Bosnia's Nationalist Politics

It’s been far more than 25 many years considering the fact that the Dayton Peace Arrangement was signed to conclude the Bosnian war. The arrangement divided …

32 thoughts on “The Woman Who Wants to End Bosnia's Nationalist Politics

  1. The West effectively abandoned BiH after Dayton ink was dried.

    "OK, our work is done here. You figure the rest out for yourselves." They say that to groups of people who just spent the better part of 4 years trying to gouge out the eyes and eat the brains of each other. And they [West] are surprised it hasn't worked as they figured it would? This level of incompetence is unprecedented in the Western world.

    It seems as if too many people gain at the failure of BiH. Too many people have money and power to keep Bosnia from developing into a single state, with a single identity such as that as USA or UK. I would love to be romance and say when the big three parties are out of power, then the One Bosnia dream could be realized. But, I fear only war will rage again, egged on by nationalist factions in Serbia and Croatia, if that was to happen.

    BiH is not a failed state. It is a doomed state whose fate is controlled far from its own borders.

  2. Ova zena Irma Baralija je izuzetno inteligentna i dobronamerna. Mislim da se nece dugo zadrzati u politici, tu nema mesta za takve ljude. Ipak, ima volje da menja stvari i zelim joj sve najbolje.

  3. This woman is a joke in the political sphere. Her views are overly simplistic and she was caught multiple times being an open hypocrite. There's so many other far more tolerant, hard working, honest, and straightforward non-nationalist politicians and activists in bosnia, and you choose the one that was caught negating a warcrime

  4. it will be very challenging to achieve the ideals of a United Bosnia & Herzegovina as long as there are state entities called Croatia and Serbia in this world

    say to sorry, but GOOD LUCK, there will come a time when a new generation is fed up with this divisive politics

  5. You should have right to vote for whoever you want that is the right way my the best win even if he is different ethnicity. Let there be peace in BiH was in the war never wish on anyone people of BiH are sick of wars they want good jobs less corruption and to better life for everyone in BiH .

  6. Westerners need to learn one big truth, they can't artificially create a nation. Not without some big force behind the process. Cultural, ideological, linguistic or religious assimilation. People need to share some common values for that artificial process to work. Moreover, membership in that new nation needs to have some benefits behind it so it doesn't fall apart after that background force is gone.

    This is exactly what happened in Yugoslavia. There was linguistic unity, more or less, religion was deleted and communism became the force to artificially unit people. This setup came with lots of benefits. That is why people who are above 50 years old in the Balkan's remember Yugoslavia very fondly.
    Communism fell apart after the dictator Tito died. For the following 10 years privileges which were associated with being Yugoslavian started to fade away, or were taken away by force. At the end, religion came back into the picture and people went back to their old divisions. But now people were living mixed together with no clear borders. All of this was a powder barrel and with one bullet at the Serbian wedding, fired by Muslims, ignited the war which lasted for 4 years. Now, most people are more content with living "together" but apart than with one group dominating the others which will surely happened if the country is totally centralised and turned into a citizen state with the principal of "one person one vote".

  7. Bosnians are one of the most decent and educated people in Eastern Europe. Respect from Algerian 🇩🇿
    My neighbor may have bosnian heritage since he is green-eyed and brown hair man, and his phenotypes are similar to bosnians. He is a decent and manly guy, and he likes to care about me. Once he knows me in trouble, he come to help. He said once to me I won't let anything hurt you. We are racially different, but decency and Islam brought us together.

  8. i wasn't in Bosnia since 15 years… I'm serb and i hope for all people in all the balkans that they have finally a nice country where we could live affordable and without hate..

    I'm not a fan of hate and i wish everyone just good luck and that it becomes the land how i see it. with a wonderful lovely economic with these nice hills and the nature we have!

  9. Nonsense.
    It is wrong to look at Bosnia and Herzegovina as one country. It is, essentially, a colony held together by external forces, while three people living there either hate or just dislike each other.

    They have different & opposing views on the past, experience in the present & expectations from the future. Real clash of civilizations.

    Were they civilized peoples, like those in Switzerland, they could, at least in theory find some uneasy modus vivendi. Just, because B & H is a colony where external rulers (USA & EU) are trying to impose their “post-modernist” ideas about societies and nations- and thus are only exacerbating already miserable & poisonous situation in this country- it is virtually impossible to predict what will happen.

    Possible scenarios are:

    a) civilizational collapse and eternal low-intensity war like in contemporary Iraq

    b) a new war

    c) internal struggles followed by ethnic cleansing and final dissolution of B & H

    d) demographic collapse and continuation of the existence of B & H as eternal colony

    e) reconfiguration of B & H along accepted national/ethnic lines, which would mean that B & H cannot exist as a “civic state”, but only as a loosely structured (con)federation of “nation states” with a few common functions.

    Serbs will never accept to live in anything dominantly Croatian or Bosniak; Croats will never accept to live in anything dominantly Serbian or Bosniak; Bosniaks will never accept to live in anything dominantly Croatian or Serbian.

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