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Hong Kongers in Exile Won't Let China Erase Tiananmen Square

For a few many years, Hong Kong was the only spot in China exactly where people could talk about the Tiananmen Sq. Massacre in …

26 thoughts on “Hong Kongers in Exile Won't Let China Erase Tiananmen Square

  1. First and foremost dont ever these HK rioters call themselves part of democratic oriented people. I am from Indonesia, a democratic nation, and we so damn ashamed with these rioters kill and beat innocent people just to force them to accept their "democratic value version". They are just like a wolf with sheep dress. The lowest form of a democratic soul, very bad guys.

  2. when one atrocity happens and they have to hang on to it in order to justify why they 'hate' China, while they are living in countries who have and are committing various atrocities. It is laughable. So rather than focusing on the good that is happening in China, they hang on to sth they will milk for years. I am not saying it is not an important event and their claim that the even is forgotten, of course it's not forgotten, China, just prefers to move on from past mistakes, and to ensure they never happen again.

  3. Wait wait they are going to place that oppressed their forefathers cause they don't want to live with their own people amazing. In next 100 years they will loose their own identity.

  4. Love these ppl, leaving their homeland for a socialist country. HKG do not need these stupid ppl, we enjoy peaceful n prosperity here in HK.

  5. What freedom do they have? Back then before 1997, democracy doesnt even exist in HK. Every 4 years UK will send an old man together with his family to look after HK whether they like it or not. After China took over and there is democracy, now this thing happen. πŸ˜‚ With the assembly and riots distrupting business. How to do business like this if protest keep going on? Destroying other people rice bowl for your own selfish individual sake is atrocious. Look at the big picture.

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