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How a Sovereign Group in Jamaica Is Fighting a US Mining Company

Jamaica was after the world’s primary exporter of bauxite, which is the ore from which aluminum is designed, but many years of mining …

48 thoughts on “How a Sovereign Group in Jamaica Is Fighting a US Mining Company

  1. Andrew Holness has become a Judas. He is in the pocket of corporate criminal Europeans. The same people who our ancestors defeated, a corrupt son of our soil is in collusion with them. They are evils and wants to destroy us.

  2. it would be a shame to spoil the natural rainforests of Jamaica. I have been there and it has some of the most lush forests. Jamaica needs to diversify its economy more tho since I think bauxite is its main export

  3. It's a shame how America goes around the world destroying other countries profit and that mining in Jamaica if left unchecked will become a polluted desert and the money they receive from allowing The Intruders to do it to her will run out and you will have nothing to turn to except a desert

  4. tourism should be the revenue the island is a hot spot for tourist but the gov.t does nothing to protect that they dothe mining, same thing they are doing to Haiti and the gold mines, america is draining these islands and killing the people so they then will introduce the big money spenders to make money from the same tourism, by then the mining would already have drained the resource.

  5. This is pure evil. They know they're not just destroying the land, they're destroying these people's livelihood, they're killing their children, killing their future, and indirectly enslaving these people. They dont like people like these to live off the land and be free, they hate that, they want to enslave everyone to their system, kill their children even before they're born. They want payback for losing face by previously being defeated by a bunch of escaped slaves. They never forget, so neither should you. Read up on the ancient Moors and how they defeated the invaders of their lands. Stand strong Yah's beloved.

  6. Chief Curry, Yah bless you beloved. I call upon General Uriel and his army of angels to guide, protect you and your people, and strengthen your spirit.

  7. You dont need the government, you need your own solidarity. The government has gone over to the other side. PM Andrew has sold his soul to the devil for 13 pieces of silver. He is a traitor.

  8. Impending: 26/09/2022

    THUS SAITH GOD ALLMIGHTY, The Creator of heaven and earth. “ Tell the Jamaicans, tell the Jamaicans that I am going to come to tumble down their nation because of the children that are been raped and murdered.” It will happen. Earthquake, sea coming on much of the land, famine like you have never seen, disease. repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

  9. Are you then replacing human suffering, health and livelihood with money? I'm so glad these people are gathering the evidence of the impact Bauxite mining right now by the Chinese and other foreigners ; and the impact this is having on the citizens of Jamaica. Have we not suffered enough as the black nation? Why do the leader of this country continues to allow outsiders to come in and exploits the people? This has been going on in the days of slavery and is still going on in the Twentyfirst century. Have we not learnt anything?

  10. Jamaicans can profit from the bauxite industry by closing down the export of that mineral to Georgia where everything made of aluminum is manufactured. The Jamaican government should re-negotiate all contracts with foreign owned mining companies and require all manufacturers to open plants in Jamaica thus creating well paying jobs for its citizens. Unfortunately, Jamaican politicians are are both ignorant and greedy only looking out for their own self interests. This dilemma occurs in every country worldwide that is government by Black politicians which is the main reason why there’s a mass exodus of Black people to Europe, Canada, and the United States. Sad.

  11. On a lighter note..the Jamaican vibe is just so amazing..they brought drums to play on a protest and washing their hands with rum..LOL ..loved that part.

  12. The ‘journalist’ in this is obviously another woke moron, because when describing the Maroons he whitewashed the fact that they were paid 2 dollars for every escaped African slave that they caught and turned over to the government. Not exactly the heroes that he painted them as being.

    They also didn’t kick the British’ asses’, they won using guerrilla tactics against small groups of militia and sailors. The journo should be ashamed of allowing his bias get in the way of professional journalism,

  13. You will never beat those evil corporate giants. Superpower countries mining the world for minerals. That beautiful land and water is being poisoned and the people made sick.
    It is absolutely disgusting. For money. Appalling. 😥

  14. Is it just me? It seems that everywhere in the world where there are lands that are owned by "BLACK' people, it seems to be consistently ravaged by none "BLACK" people. They never seem to find anything of value in their own lands. I find it odd.

  15. Makes me sick to my stomach that the jamaican government could stand there and claim that he's offended that ppl are saying he does not care, ur ass does not care at all about the ppl of jamaica we do not even have decent health care system and with this dust dats blowing over these communities how are you going to justify when children gets sick having respoterie problems, growth problems, cancer and all the other problems that comes along, we already saw on lady saying her hair is falling out, ii am tired of the jamaican government selling us out and claiming its for our benefit, show us the benefits when you can't even get a job after spending so much money for schooling. The jamaican ppl need to start raising up and let the leaders of our country be responsible for the decisions that they make they need to answer to the ppl because we are the ones that put them there

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