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Democrats Aren’t Buying Biden’s ‘Excuses’ in Afghanistan Withdrawal

President Biden says the Afghanistan withdrawal was the ideal alternative the US experienced. But even Dems say Kabul has turned into a …

45 thoughts on “Democrats Aren’t Buying Biden’s ‘Excuses’ in Afghanistan Withdrawal

  1. It’s true that we should have done a much better job at withdrawing and people need to be held to account, but damn it feels good to be out.

  2. Whole of U. S. Vote a normal & decent person, who is qualified to govern. Do Not vote those who wants power and destroy this nation. No to party of 👿 demon 'c rats 🐁, NO to abnormalcy….

  3. One-day Biden will be judged by God like the rest of us I will pray for his soul /I'm a Trump supporter but I do not hate no one /Nobody better then no one we all born with nothing die with nothing people are all equaled in God's eyes/God gave us all free well so you can believe in him or not but it's way better to believe in him what are you really missing in life to follow God's rules I believe in him nobody can change my mind /you cannot hurt my feelings eaither /Everyone have a blessed day

  4. Q: Does the Congressman plan on delivering a plan on how these people get here? Does he plan on "fast-tracking" those who have waited at the border (in some cases YEARS!), filling out forms, waiting patiently to be vetted, so they too can enter our country? Does he have jobs & houses waiting for them? Does he have a plan to house the homeless that are already here? How about a plan to revitalize our nation's space industry?
    In essence – DOES HE HAVE A PLAN?
    Answer: No. He's stumping for an election.

  5. I think everyone agreed that we had to withdraw from Afghanistan, but the way he did it and took no responsibility for what happened is concerning. He shifted all the blame to a guy not even in office.

  6. But you don’t want to leave the colonial territory well established and with good planning. You wanna leave them chaotic. Like India Pakistan Kashmir full of dispute so as to make it look like they need you as a colonizer. That as soon as you leave theyve not excelled therefore unvillifying you.

  7. Oh please, the democrats, lol. As if Biden thinks on his own, Biden is "The Democrats." Lying, backstabbing cowards sums up the Democrats in office over the last 6 years.

  8. It was a hot mess but it was always going to be. The Afghans had to know we were leaving sooner or later. Like Vietnam, there was never a critical enough mass of Afghans outside of Kabul that valued a free democratic government. Most just see the Taliban and US forces as two competing powers to be played off each other. Feels like Biden is getting a lot of grief for something Obama and Trump should have done a long time ago.

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  10. It’s mind blowing how biased vice has become. The amount of contradictory statements this administration has made, the lack of transparency and recently when he said George Floyd’s death was more significant than MLKs death. Where’s all the democrats at? No one cares what this guy says and does? It’s all political it’s all money And soon vice and other hypocrites alike will be brought to judgement, in one way or another.

  11. [  Meditation leads to awareness of telepathy, and awareness of telepathy leads to meditation.  ]

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  12. At least we withdrew from Afghanistan the only problem is how it went with the evacuation. President Biden wanted the troops out and they got out but so much was left behind and that is what made America give Joe Biden a lot of flack

  13. Oh yeah, that 20 year war should've ended up "Peace with Honor". This is absurd. Of course it had to end like this or continue. Maybe Trump shouldn't have made a deal with the Taliban. Maybe Ukraine will give a shot in the arm to our starving war profiteers. Who to invade next?

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