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How China’s Queer Youth Built an Underground Ballroom Scene

Voguing, and the ballroom scene that gave rise to the dance genre, have been started off in New York Town in the 1980s by Black and …

28 thoughts on “How China’s Queer Youth Built an Underground Ballroom Scene

  1. The reporter is so cute 😍 This story warmed my soul, I love to see the resilience of them lgbtq+ community everywhere in the world. We are so beautiful and I can't wait for the day that all of us are able to be who we truly are out in the open.

  2. Bazi was in our ballroom last year, 3:57 was the ballroom we hosted last year and this year we did it again. I am very proud of these talents knowing how much ppl have come through, uploading the video of this year's ballroom to my channel, if anybody wanna get to know more about the culture.

  3. Im a old fashion demi asexual lesbian so I wouldent go to one of those parts but I believe everyone has a right to be themselves & Im glad the GTBL Asian community have a place to party

  4. If the Chinese were more accepting of these sorts of communities it would pay dividends in their cultural cache as usually there is a leader in fashion or art in these groups. I think it is a real shame the government has decided to turn inward and to the past. It’s a loss for everyone and a bad marker for the future. All this progress in China at great expense to its people and the environment just to go back.

  5. Thanks vice for bringing us these images of queer people all over the world. Its just so cool how even though they live thousands of miles away in a completely different culture, we can relate to their struggles and dreams. One big queer family. Best of luck to all of them. I hope they change the world.

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