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How Russia Is Silencing Opponents

Russia is likely to the polls amid a stifling crackdown. VICE Information seems to be at how activists, impartial journalists and future …

28 thoughts on “How Russia Is Silencing Opponents

  1. Just another vice news propaganda video helping to create chaos in our country showing the real criminals as "victims".
    I hope these c*nts never come back to Russia, we don't need them at all.
    Слава России!!

  2. Kind of reminds me of the Medieval times. There are 'knights/men-at-arms' serving the will of the 'King' for the promise of a better life for their families. At the expense of everyone else of course. This is not limited to Russia. Putin might be right that others are worse, but who can really measure such things and why would you use it as a basis for comparison?

  3. Putin is the best thing to ever happen to Russia. What do you want? To become slaves to the West? These kids are full of idealism. Your idealism will lead you to a reality you don’t want. Trust me. Thank God you have Putin. Otherwise there would be no Russia anymore. Stop fooling around and learn to appreciate what you have. When Putin is gone you will easily fall prey to the West.

  4. Lol, the West is always obsessed with an insignificant "politician" the majority of Russians don't care about. I guess they've invested too much to turn back now.

  5. Putin doesn't have a chance on a ballot. He needs to be dealt with and sent to North Korea to marry Kim un lol. That's litterally what he amounts to. He'll kick and scream on his fall from Tierney like a new born baby

  6. There is vierdly no criticism about navalny despite his attendence i right Wing extremists groups protests and racist comments about some minority groups in russia

  7. Hoping one day vice do a video on why left always runs propaganda in favour of anti women and barbaric ppl and also why VICE is one among the biggest propaganda channels🤡🤡🤡

  8. nawalny should have stayed in exile and make more documentaries about putin and his Friends exposing them bit by bit , why did he surrender to them ?

  9. President Putin has seen how in countries like Britain where I am from protesters criminally damage property and vandalise statues like that of Winston Churchill. He just wants to keep law and order as far as I can see.

  10. Trump is banned everywhere. Google displays only good news about Biden and only bad news about Trump. Google banned posting any facts about the elections. The media go out of their way to praise Biden and vilify Trump. Free "lambs" rejoice in "democracy"

  11. Good video, good actors, but very far from reality. A Western person can lie as much as he likes. A Western person will not check. Only in America is true freedom, only America knows how to live. Thank you America. Only a Russian person will never follow a leader who relies on the United States. Never.

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