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Threatened at Gunpoint by DRC Rebels | Developing News

Through his time as European Pressphoto Agency’s (EPA) chief photographer for East Africa, Dai Kurokawa experienced a lot of shut …

45 thoughts on “Threatened at Gunpoint by DRC Rebels | Developing News

  1. What I find particularly distasteful and detestable about this is the general obtuse and oblique slant to the narrative of the photo portfolio. It is typically the diet visiting foreign photo journalists feel their mostly western audiences expect and therefore need to be feed in respect of Africa. Rapes and riots. Polio and pillaging. Floods and famine. Depravity and dehumanisation. Weakness, woe and warfare. Hardly ever is the vibrancy of the most youthful human population in the world showcased. Their tech start ups. The ingenuity and variety of the cultures, foods, attire, arts, language and dance. The sheer vastness of the entire continents bounty and beauty and the individuality and uniqueness of everyone single one of it’s over 50 different consistent countries and nations. The diligence and determination of the average man and woman on the street. Their relatives and relationships. The moral rectitude and family values the people of Africa hold dear. The hopes, dreams, aspirations and challenges every family has for its progeny which are no different from anywhere else in the world.

    Please stay away with your incessantly narcissistic negative narrative. There is little skill to what you do that Africans can’t do themselves. Let Africans tell their own stories with the benefit of their own lived experience.

  2. The irony of an African town named Sake being visited by Japanese journalists who almost got male raped. It’s a dangerous job and these guys are courageous.

  3. Even though wealthy well off white socialists hate America I am so grateful to be born an American. I can’t imagine what it’s like being born in a place like this.

  4. well, when i see those guns burning it hurts a little… how much effort was needed to make such beautiful guns and now they burning because people use them as they shouldn't… I wish there will be day when guns will be just for shooting at shooting ranges and overall just for entertainment…

  5. All you reporting and emptying in the likes of your like minds is only negativity about africa.Is it that you don’t see anything positive to report even saying thanks for those who took you to hospital?Journalim of hate…

  6. Congo 🇨🇩 will be a world power if Western and Eastern powers don't exploit their people & Resources, Good luck Congo Lots of Love from your cousin India 🇮🇳

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