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We Asked Democrats About the Border

It is a significant 7 days for the Biden agenda when it arrives to infrastructure and his social paying out priorities – we requested Democrats on …

45 thoughts on “We Asked Democrats About the Border

  1. Last time I heard the Haitian migrants are not getting there kids taken away when they are caught are the border. YES black lives matter but what about our brown children

  2. This country is so screwed… I was overjoyed when trump was ousted but then we got a puppet with dementia that is far worse. The border is a disaster and we have to fix our homelessness problem first and foremost. Lots of tent cities in every major city now.

  3. Please watch “ this is what winning looks like” watch the end of episode 1 and the beginning of episode 2. Haven’t done one report on our now new neighbors. It will change your mind!!!

  4. It really sucks to either have to go Left or Right in politics, I don't belong on either side, they're both incompetent to me and the country suffers everyday due to that incompetence.

  5. The massive influx of illegal immigrants is disproportionately affecting the poorest American minorities.Why not press them on that? This is nothing but a pathetic fluff piece.

  6. Imagine if we didn't have political parties and politicians had to run on their own ideas and worse yet voters had to actually do some research instead of just selecting whichever mascot they support

  7. They really need to let progressives split off and form their own party instead of pandering to them.Instead of losing your conservative base.They're picking people without jobs,who break the law and are penniless college kids who don't even vote,over the people who have supported the party for generations.If conservative Democrats leave,there will be nothing to come back to.And make no mistake… even though conservative Democrats are never mentioned like we don't exist,we actually are and have been the majority.As a lifetime Democrat,last election I voted "None of these candidates".And will again if they run a bad candidate with terrible policy

  8. I've always been told to lead by example. So I'm waiting for these humanistic-compassionate law makers to welcome and adopt a family or two. Powerful statements are powerful!…but they are nothing compared to powerful actions.

  9. The day a politician is honest is the day when there are none. Instead of asking a politician, who is of course going to push their narrative, go down to the border and ask the border patrol what was going on. Everyone who knows just a fraction about riding horses knows you have to steer them so kind of way. Well those are called reins. If you actually look at the photo that caused all this bs, you can see the border agent grabbing his shirt with his hand. Has anyone ever considered maybe the horses got spooked due to the amount of people and that agent was trying to grab the guy before the horse hurt him. Nope! This is everyone in Washington's fault and now more people are being trafficked. Maybe yall should learn what a Kansas City shuffle is.

  10. Their not refugees ! This is an invasion ! Much like what happened on inauguration day ! And the hits just keep coming ! They shouldn't be using "reigns" and horses ! A-10 warthogs are much !ore efficient at stopping a ground invasion !

  11. We should not be treating illegals as criminals……bullshit. We should be cracking down as if this is a legal matter…because it is! We should be cracking down on officials who are enabling the entrance of massive amounts of illegals.

  12. The fact that democrats allowed the media and the Whitehouse to get away with labeling the border agents excessive or that they were whipping immigrants just gives them more authority to lie more and more. These media outlets and politicians treat Dems, their viewers, like absolute morons who will never turn the channel or get news from anywhere else. Still listen to Fauci as if the e-mails that prove he knew it was from a lab, and shows he silenced and threatened any that contradicted his position just makes you guys the new national socialists.

  13. They were whipping these innocent people!
    If you believe that then your level of ignorance is so astonishing its a miracle u can function. However, the good news is ignorance can easily be fixed. You can fix ignorant you can not fif stupid.

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