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What It’s Like Trying to Get an Abortion in Texas Right Now

Beneath Texas’ new abortion ban, would-be sufferers have as very little as six weeks to get an abortion. Fulfill the girls who are attempting …

35 thoughts on “What It’s Like Trying to Get an Abortion in Texas Right Now

  1. Dads are always allowed to abort their rights. They can get married, have a bunch of kids and just decide they dont feel like being a parent anymore. They can choose to never pay a dime in child support while the mom is forced to stay in a homeless shelter because daycare, rent, bills, etc are almost impossible to afford on one income. You have no clue until you've been put in that situation.

  2. If life starts at conception, right after fertilization, require the fathers to start paying for child support once pregnancy is confirmed.

  3. Students for life made me unimaginably hot in the face for some reason. They should start funding child support and bills instead of handing out tutorials on how to sue a possibly struggling single mother.

  4. Texas has mysognistic tendencies in their policies and overall how the state is run. This state is not the best for women.

    Abortion is wrong; it robs the father of a chance to be a parent.

  5. My body, my choice. Abortion rights are women's and people with uterus rights. Womens rights are human rights. Safe and legal abortion is a human right

  6. These moms have kids already. They know how it goes down, you have sex you get pregnant. If they wanted to prevent another kid coming into this world they should have been more careful. Visit a OB doctor, hormone contraceptive medication. There's ways to keep it safe yk? Women just blame the fact they were in the heat if the moment. Like you had a second or two to remember to have safe sex. Horny is not an excuse. (Just talking about the moms in this video. Not people of sexual abuse.) But yes. People must have a plan. Always.

  7. Just throw them in the trash can once they are born! I won’t be donating to
    Help babies! I’m sick of this crap! You want to control a woman’s body? Pick up the trash on your way out!

  8. I have a question of the pro life people, why does it really matter what women with her body??? Not trying to sound rude, just confused with everything that is going on. We should value life but at least give those in need the choice they can have. Both sides should come together from their differences, see where they can solve them and try to work the problem oit


  10. 70% of Americans support abortion and only 30% are against it. These abortion bans are the result of Christian nationalism!!!! WE MUST STAND UP AND FIGHT THESE CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS OR WE ARE ALL DOOMED!!!

  11. When I got my first ultrasound at Planned Parenthood, they did a blood test & detected my pregnancy & there was no heartbeat yet at my initial appointment. I was too early in my pregnancy. (Just under 4 weeks) & they made me watch an educational video, gave me information & wait two weeks to "think about it & be sure it's what I wanted" & come back for a follow up appointment the 2 weeks later, because of liability issues. Then, I was hoping that I could get it done before I had a heartbeat & was devastated that I couldn't. Now I am grateful that I was blessed with a right to have it done at ALL.

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