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Thousands of Haitians Are Trapped at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Very last month’s Haitian migrant border disaster was months in the creating. One family’s knowledge shows what is actually up coming. Subscribe to …

49 thoughts on “Thousands of Haitians Are Trapped at the U.S.-Mexico Border

  1. I live in tapachula which is near a border. I know and understand their situation but there are too many of them, the government wasn't prepared for something so massive nor do they have much space for the literal hundreds if not thousands that have arrived in mexico seeking assistance. I know it takes a long time but thats only because there are so many of them not just from haiti. There are massive amounts here already and there are more coming still. I often wonder why with such a large amount of people they don't just riot or protest their own country. Its so sad but the government really is trying, they get benefits most mexicans in poverty don't obtain. If the u.s deports them or don't let them in they mostly will stay in mexico and we barely have any economical infrastructure for its citizens as it is. It's tough here too.

  2. Watching all of this makes you wonder where the hell is wycleff and the Fugees with a Shakira and Lauryn Hill feature with a remix in a large open space in Texas with a stage with all artists performing to raise money to help these Haitians instead of just sitting in their houses staring at this. You’re welcome. I’m sure the Texans will be more than happy to reciprocate land for just this occasion 🤣🤣🤣

  3. It's a fact that Biden doesn't want Haitians here because their skin color is too dark. Biden encouraged nearly 2 million Hispanics to crossed the border since he became president because they aren't as dark.

  4. My mother n father fled war torn Germany after the war and had to live in Canada until they got there papers . Why should these people skip the line ? Boo hoo do illegal stuff and deal with the consequences. Anyone who has a problem with this post then do something invite them to your home if you so concerned

  5. The end of humans is coming soon. Anyone with excessive money will become a target. All nations will break down world wide and there will be global starvation/cannibalism of epic proportions.

  6. Sorry, they can stay in Mexico. Or any of the other multiple countries they pass through on their way. They want the free handouts the US gives away, just like those traveling from many central American countries. Let's go Brandon.

  7. The Haitian Creole translation is good. But in some parts the translation didnt truly capture what was being said. For instance, at “8:05”, he actually said “why is it that only Haitians are caught in this situation (as in suffering)?””, …this is very different from “why are they targeting Haitians”?

    Words matter a lot.

    I’d be happy to consult or be your editor free of charge. So basicaloy after you get your translation, Id be happy to look it over to ensure that your translation does not alter the message.

  8. America is struggling with the war on poverty at home, this problem can easily be solved with a snap of a finger by Uncle Sam if he wishes for it.

  9. The communist Democrats and the Communist news is making money off the illegal criminals coming across the border Joe Biden is Landry the money from the drug cartels through Hunter biden Pictures

  10. Bidens, Democrats false promises, why don't we see this on MSM. The White Liberal way of working, ignore it and it isn't happening, thanks for reporting the truth.

  11. I find is so sad that many Mexicans are commenting something along the lines of “they should go back and solve their own problem” the same line americans give mexicans who went to the usa. Its not that easy, not even close and every mexican should know that by now. 3.8% of mexicos gdp (billion) rely on remittances from family sending money from usa to mex. Mexico has no good reason to judge haitians for wanting to do the same.

  12. It sad how some people belive the government biden immigration laws is even worst than before far worst 😞 sadly people like to believe things to give hope and even some of the American people believe it to.

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