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The Hindu Extremists at War With Interfaith Love

Hindu nationalist vigilanties consider India is in the grips of an Islamic plot identified as “Love Jihad”. They function with law enforcement to monitor down …

44 thoughts on “The Hindu Extremists at War With Interfaith Love

  1. This Love Jihad is Bs tbh, but this is true that a muslim girl rarely marries a Hindu guy but the vice versa is pretty common, but that doesn't justify in any way,shape or form on what they are doing is correct, but there are same things in Muslim community side also, and we rarely talk about that, the census in India is 80% accurate and for minorities it is 60% so this is true that India is far from being a Muslim majority but the official percentage is not correct and is way off from reality.

  2. If these things were done by Muslims then you guys would call that "Terrorism", but none would call these things Terrorism because it is done by Hindus… 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Pls get employed and help your country economically. Like how useless do u have to be to have the time to patrol the streets to find "love jihad"

  4. We should have banned Islam from India after independence. Islam promote violence that's why Hindu saving there women from getting jihad lover

  5. You people mentioned that muslim population goes 14 to 18 but hindu population goes 80 to 77 why is this happening is the reason why we are fighting .They just want to increase their population in india.We dont have any problem if they do it with their community.The problem is they are already having an avg of 4 children while govt of india said 2 is the limit.Now they are hunting down hindu women to increase their population.

  6. they are absolutely right that is what is exactly happening in india muslims are not a minority anymore they are a huge majority and all this in 10 years just imagine what will happen in another 10 years without any steps take to prevent this

  7. There's no smoke without a fire. Waiting for Vice to also make an investigative video on whether love jihad is true or not. Of course only if it's convenient enough not to affect your agenda.

    2:53 Why don't you go ahead and make a full length video on everything that RSS does including its humanitarian and donation activities. Of course only it's convenient enough not to affect your agenda.

    Why don't you go ahead and include the video of Muslim leader Akbaruddin Owaisi threatening violence on Hindus literally saying "remove the police for 15 mins and we'll see who survives our (muslims) onslaught"? Of course only if it's convenient enough not to affect your agenda.

    If Vice can stoop so low to make such a biased and one-sided narrative then it puts a serious question mark over the rest of their videos and the narratives in them.

  8. Are you for real? You have no idea what it means to live in Indian society and yet you take your foreign understanding of how society should be to pass general opinions on Indian society? How can you be so ignorant?
    Coming to women being given the freedom to marry whomever they want, it's not even debatable. A society that restricts freedom of it's women is a failed society. But this freedom should be accepted and practiced by EVERYONE in society. Only then can it translate into true freedom of choice. It is practically written in Islamic scriptures that muslims can't marry non-muslims. How is it compatible with freedom of choice? Why is no one talking about this? Come take a look at on the ground reality here in India. Just last month, a Hindu groom was butchered literally on the street by the relatives of his muslim bride because they couldn't tolerate her marrying a non muslim. Link for reference – Who is going to cover and report this? Does Vice have the guts to show both sides of the coin? Or does it go against the narrative that they want to set?

  9. I'm a hindu and proud of it. The west couldn't even think of what muslims are even practicing here. If a hindu guy make marriage to a muslim girl he'll be chopped to pieces. Don't portray Hindua as extremists

  10. I just sit apocracy just a bunch of uneducated people things like this make good Indians who work in Muslim countries look bad

  11. Foreigners who haven't kept their foot in India, commenting on Hindu Extremists.. no nothing about what happens on ground.. sitting in different part of the world.. looking at a left leaning.. lying channel..

  12. studied in a Christian school till 12 and there is a sir named John sir but the shocking thing is he was Jagdeep Singh before converting to John .the school asked him to convert into Christian for increase in salary

  13. I’m hindu and I’ve never sport RSS and always respect all religions Request to all Indians if they wanna sport India not to be collapse don’t vote to a party based on religion only

  14. These goons are just a handful and they are active only in western Uttar pradesh . And you should also make a video on love jihad.

  15. ہندو اور مسلمان دونوں میں دھرم کا ذات پات، رسم و رواج کا ذمین آسمان کا فرق ہے اسلیے دونوں قومیں کبھی سکون سے ساتھ نہی رہ سکتے انکو الگ الگ کردینا چاہیے

  16. To this day, Muslim Men are posing as Hindu men and trapping Hindu girls to convert them to Islam. Swati Goel Sharma has did immense ground work on this subject. Those who really want to learn about the issue, should look this up. This video is just peddling a narrative in order to Target the Government of India. Vested Intrests.

  17. This is biased news manupulated reality is hindu girls are been termed by costs that is any muslim guy any how tackels her will reward by that cost
    If it love them why need to turn girls religion to islam
    As in islam it is order that muslim man marry to non muslim must be convert
    Islam quran chater bakra verse 98
    Person who dont belevie in alha prophet muhmmad is kafir non muslim
    26 verse in quran that says kill kafir non muslim
    Thats reason non muslim partners r later either leaved or divorced accordind islamic 3 talak divorce
    In which on name of halala girls is legally raped ….
    Thats why we hindu oppose marriage to muslum
    We hindu have no problem to marry other religion except muslim

  18. 1:50 that's a false statement. India has always been ruled by outsiders. Mostly Muslims for 8 centuries and then the British for 200-300 years until 1947 after British went bankrupt and couldn't afford to rule during colonialism.

  19. F these extremists. But it’s not secret about Muslim men grooming young non Muslim girls/women. Look at the UK or France. It’s probably happening the least in India but India being so populated it’s effecting them a lot. India will not stop just at Muslims. They are lynching all minorities. If nothing is done soon we are probably looking at a genocide a genocide we have not seen since world war 2. This one will probably be worse just because of india population

  20. This is not what is happening.. I'm from India and I'm active on such topics this is not what vice news states.. sometimes I feel vice news has some personal agenda against Hindus..

  21. Good grief! My brain was just boggled watching these villagers talk about love jihad. Meanwhile amongst all my educated and wealthy relatives-Orthodox Christian background cousins that live in Bombay – have married Brahmins, Muslims , Sikhs and even a Buddhist. Granted not one of them are super religious though. I have lived in Canada and Australia and third generation Indians are mixing regardless of religion and caste.

  22. The human rights situation across India continues to deteriorate,. Human rights lawyers and activists reported harassment and intimidation, unfair trials , arbitrary detention , torture in Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh simply for exercising there right to freedom of expression , right to self determination and other human rights.

  23. This is a crime against humanity and a human rights violation including the Genocide of minorities by Hindutva in the name of Hinduism. This is what you call a Nazi-Hindutva Nationalist state of India intolerant and xenophobic to all others that are non-hindhu.

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