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These People Are Testing Drugs So You Don’t Have to | Free Drugs

In response to record drug overdose fatalities, several of them brought about by the tremendous-powerful artificial opioid fentanyl, some drug people …

49 thoughts on “These People Are Testing Drugs So You Don’t Have to | Free Drugs

  1. Hell, our own FDA and CDC are allowing big-greedy-pharmaceutical executives to force us to inject drugs/vaccines that have not been tested….It is clear at this point the leftist control government doesn't want us healthy.

  2. With a child in high school and a former drug addict of 20 years I’ve been clean for a long time this is saving peoples lives whether people want to say they do drugs or not the reality of the fact is they are using drugs by the boatload so places like this are saving your child’s fucking life stop with the bullshit these people are a necessity

  3. My drug of choice and addiction is marijuana other drugs I just do them once in awhile I don't do no shooting up though that I will never do I start cooking I smoke crack sometimes like to sprinkle the cocaine on top of my weed you know what I mean officers but one thing is I have a question one of my drug niggas sold me Coke three times one time it was okay it was powdery and Rocky I believe that's how it's supposed to be the second time it was too powder I completed and told him about it my uncle even trying to warm it into rock but all I did was disappear their time he sold it to me now it was a little powder Rocky butt wet at the same time but it feels like cool when I started and taste like crack when I smoke it so but is it supposed to be wet like that ?

  4. This is the way forward for safer drug use, the law on Drugs currently is one of the biggest failers, you will never stop drug use, make it safe , regulate and awareness.

  5. Ive been working 12 step since 1978, off and on. This is a great service and needs 2b everywhere that there is drug use. Also homeless, so if im not paying attention, i could be standing next to someone with a gun and herion, its happened more than a few times. L.A. needs this, as folks are dying.

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