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Say Goodbye to the Office

The future of get the job done is extra than “work from home” it is “work from where ever you want.” Home is exactly where you make it, and these …

48 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to the Office

  1. 🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻
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    I have three orphaned children, they live in very difficult conditions, and my mother has a stroke and needs care and treatment, and I do not have a source of livelihood 😭 and because of the difficult situation and the war we left our homes and live in a rented house and the owner of the house threatens me with eviction because I did not pay the rent Someone to bear, please extend a hand of good to me and my children to ease our suffering 😭💔, I really hope you can help me and my children do not have food, I need to pay rent, my mother s treatment is not a liar, you can contact me and send all the proofs that prove my words are true

  2. It's really cool that people can live out of a boat and come to shore when they need to. However, unlike living in a boat, in many places police and residents are hostile to van-lifers. We did van-life for a bit and @3:52 "go try to find a place to park for the night" was always the biggest stressor. "Try" is the reality of it. The best places we found were forest land outside the cities. But those areas don't have amenities like water/sewer/electricity to recap the van.

  3. I'd prefer a 300 square foot bachelor apartment with insuite laundry in the city center. Not being able to full stand or do exercise in my dwelling would suck. So much maintenance living in a van, even more so on a boat.

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! It would be so exciting when the boat hits a rock and is about to sink off far away from the mainland. Seriously – The experience would be so amazing! Especially if there sharks in the water and there was no food or water! That would make the family even more as one and help them bond even more!

  5. Capitalist dystopia stories rebranded as heartwarming bullshit. If this was happening in China, they'd be shitting on their country's inability to house young people.

  6. Living on a boat I understand. Living in a tiny van is just…??? An RV, sure. It has a toilet. Where do you go to the bathroom in a tiny van? Are you constantly reliant on Walmart facilities or something? I dunno. I have Crohn’s so I need to use the toilet like ten times a day and the thought of having to make a van work for me is anxiety inducing (and I feel for people who are forced to live in their cars or are completely homeless. I know there just aren’t enough publicly accessible bathroom/bathing facilities because leaving the house for me is an exercise is mentally mapping out where all the available toilets are wherever I’m going).

  7. Half of these van life people are suicidal. The way that girl is just sitting in the back while the thing is driving and that plant pot is dangling around… wtf. Next thing they're gonna leave the knives on the table as well

  8. My two kids, my wife, and I live on our bigger boat for at least a month every year. We also spend at least 2 months every year in r converted camper van. The rest of the time we call home in one of r properties in states around America. Usually following the nicer weather.
    This gives us the feeling of being able to travel and not get to bored in one area. To us it is normal. We understand we are blessed to be retired in r early 40’s after building up our businesses but It definitely isn’t for everyone.

  9. i tried van life….. i have realized it is glorified poverty in a "first world country".
    I never got great sleep in my van. Its better to do it in the country or a camping park, in city limits isnt great.
    boat life sounds pretty awesome though, have to look into that!!

  10. boat life guy is a gangster. builds boats, lives on a boat, because he loves boats and that's his life.
    van life couple is just pathetic. 2 broke kids who never had a real job trying to figure out how to continue being broke without real jobs.

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  12. I've always wanted to live on a boat.. Let's be honest though, most people (other than trendy influencers) do things like this out of financial necessity..

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